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Step 2: Flatten one face of your workpiece at the jointer, then head to the planer to reduce its thickness to match the dowel diameter you want to make. Step 3: Take your board to the table saw, stand it on edge beside the blade and shift the rip fence over until the fence just kisses the opposite face of the workpiece (see Photo 2). Step 6: Install a featherboard just ahead of the bit on the infeed (right) side of the router table, and clamp a second featherboard to the router fence. Step 8: Next, flip the dowel blank end-for-end so the remaining square edge is against the router table fence. Second from right: If the dowel emerges from routing with a single flat top or bottom, either the stock is too thin or the bit is set too high or too low in the table. I know several of you have built one of these and I?ve been wanting to do the same to make using my table saw safer. I started by making the extension a little deeper than the article dimensions using 2 pieces of the MDF glued together. Wow, as I was looking at your pics, I was thinking that is a beefy outfeed table, way better than the one I was thinking of making.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Grizzly's G0706 jointer has a 60" long table and stops at 45°, 90° and 135°, satisfying the need for a wider professional shop jointer. Requests from woodworkers with small shops, who wanted a wide jointer, led Grizzly to create the G0706 12" Jointer, which has a combined table length of 60".
Click: In this series Ron Fox demonstrates how to make some of his most popular and useful jigs for the router. For a PDF and SketchUp plan of this project, head to In the Weekend Wall Shelf episode, I showed you how to use a parallel jig to create dados.
This is my version of the popular kreg jig, the K5 I tried putting all the same features into it and in this video I explain some of the key design ideas so you can build your own. Full article: Surface planing or thickness planing is an important part of woodworking, especially if you are working with rough lumber. Cabinet Makers and trim carpenters use a lot of wood shims, Here is an simple jig to make your own wood shims out of scrap.
Read - Full Article - In this video me make a circle jig for a router from the design and drawings of David Cooksey.
Our new Trim Router Circle Jig allows you to use the new crop of compact, plunge-style trim routers to cut circles from 6" to 36" in diameter! In this video we go over how a person can mill a perfect edge for gluing up tops with out a jointer.
Watch more Learn Woodworking videos: Learn how to make a box joint from Makeville Studio in this Howcast woodworking video.
The CDC issued a warning against using metal wire brushes on a grill due to the risk of ingesting a wire as it falls off the brush and attaches itself to an unsuspecting burger.

Warren from One Wood shows how to build a cheap and easy island woodworking workbench with dog holes, joints are made using the Kreg HD pocket hole jig.
How to make a Mini Lathe video by Jack Houweling on I show step by step how to make a mini lathe using a power drill. How to make gears, such as the ones I used for my screw advance box joint jig or my wooden router lift. It's perfect for assembly and finishing jobs, or you could even use it for broad outfeed support at the table saw. Select material with straight grain and no visible defects, and choose a piece that’s a couple of feet long and 6 or more inches wide for safe, easy machining. This is an important process because, in order for your dowels to have circular profiles, the bit needs to be set precisely. Turn the router bit until its cutters are perpendicular to the fence facings when viewed straight down from above. But, as we forewarned, you may need to do some fine-tuning to correct less-than-perfect attempts.
I found the article that appeared in Woodworkers Journal Jan-Feb 2009 and used it as a guide. If you zoom the pictures and look closely at the right side of the support (where the barrel bolt catches are attached) you will see that I added another piece of wood not called for in the plans.
Those tables include cast-iron infeed and outfeed tables that can be adjusted independently. Check Out The Qa Video For This Project Https Www Youtube Com Watch?v=kitycd8ddj0 Still Have Questions?
Submit a photo (1 or more) that are your photos and you give the rights for them to be freely posted online. Thanks to Per Almered who created the brilliant Handy Woodworking Tip Time jingle for this series.
It's made from nicely figured cedar and contains 33 pocket holes that let the light shine through.
An excellent overview of how to use patterns and a router table to reproduce shapes with accuracy and consistency.
The design is from a 2009 issue of woodworkers Journal and I really like the sliding dovetail support leg. As you probably know, wood species of common dowels is pretty limited: red oak, poplar, maple and possibly cherry or walnut. With the fence at this position, you can rip square dowel blanks whose widths will match the board thickness.
This way, the dowel stock will be pressed firmly down against the table and in against the fence.
Once it reaches this point, step around to the outfeed side of the router table, and pull the dowel the rest of the way through. I attached the extension to the back of saw by drilling thru the angle iron which is part of the Biesemeyer fence system.

Also not in the plans are the addition of bumper stops right above the shelf that supports the fold-up support. The reason that was required is because the screws supplied with these heavy-duty barrel bolts were longer than the wood I was screwing it in so I added another piece of wood ….
After building it, I realized that the outfeed table extended about 1 inch beyond the dust port. Then go to the index (which is an icon on the bottom of the page) and you should see the article. I looked for the magazine online but it’s out of print so I ordered the 2009 disc so I can get the plans Thanks for posting!
See below for links to my pocket hole lamp pattern with instructions, as well as a link to the lamp kit I purchased from Lowes. If you would like to see more detailed information and photos please check out my website at the link below. What happens when you want to accent some stylish joints with dowel pins and you wish you had a dowel made of cocobolo, Osage orange or purpleheart?
After you cut the first blank, check its proportions with a callipers again to ensure the dimensions match. Set a small square or rule against the bit and inspect your bit height, sighting across the table with your eyes even with the table for a straight-on view (see Photo 3).
This would not allow me to connect my dust collection hose to the dust port with the outfeed table in the stored position.
The 3hp motor drives an indexed cutterhead outfitted with 60 carbide inserts, each of which has four sharp edges that can be loosened an rotated to a fresh edge without extra knife-setting. Submit a plan to build the jig that you own the rights to and authorize them to be freely posted online. I have all this ideas in my mind and finally decided to Get Hands Dirty and start something. If you want to print out a PDF of the article, in the lower left corner of the page you will see a PRINTER icon. Use a featherboard, positioned just ahead of the blade on the infeed side of the saw, to support each rip cut. With a small shop, some times I need to fold the outfeed table down so do other operations.
You want to cover the screw heads with wood plugs, but should you use a red oak dowel to do it? However, for larger diameter dowels, set the bit height as described in Step 4, but begin the routing process with the fence exposing only about half the bit’s cutting profile. Make one or two more passes, moving the fence back some each time, until you expose the whole cutting profile.

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