Almost all the furniture on this website and in our Delaware store is manufactured by Amish craftsmen. This Amish built furniture is made to last decades and uses only solid hardwoods like maple, oak and cherry.
All power needed to manufacture furniture is generated from hydraulics, pneumatics or manual hand power since the Amish don't believe in electricity.

Every piece of wood is hand selected to match the requirements of the finished furniture piece in mind.
Much like their simple lifestyle, Amish woodworking is a trade that is passed down from generation to generation with very little allowance for change or adaptation to modern methods.
Attention is paid to the grain of the wood, not only in gluing pieces together, but also in the finished look of the product.

The art of genuine hand made furniture is not a dying art among the Amish community and is some of the most sought after furniture for homes because of it's lasting beauty and durability.

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