Francisco laughs about his shop affectionately as his CNC router came mounted on a wooden base and is located in the front corridor of his home that overlooks his entire city. Sacrificing quality to stay competitive isn’t an option for Jack Kellerman, a long-time kitchen and bath professional whose reputation is built on delivering the best. From the beginning, Kellerman Kitchen & Bath has utilized Cabnetware design-to-manufacturing software, generating detailed drawings of its cabinets and casework.
In 2000, Kellerman Kitchen & Bath purchased its first CNC router, along with a CAM package to program the new equipment. According to Kellerman, it is simply a matter of connecting the dots and hitting the "Go" button. Alphacam software is used for the more unique, complex projects in demand at Kellerman Kitchen & Bath, as well as for a second business that entails the manufacturing of complex profiles and multiple-part assemblies.
The software's nesting capabilities enable the company to maximize the cutting of multiple size parts of varying dimensions, performed on the Komo 3-axis CNC router with an eight-tool carousel. In addition to the Komo CNC router, additional routers and other standard machines are in use at the five-man shop.
To save even more time, Kellerman has added automation to his programming by saving specific machining parameters that he can easily reapply to new parts. Now, he adds, "When there are problems we are able to see them right away, before we cut the part. Since implementing the software, Kellerman adds that he has seen a significant increase in both programming and cutting efficiency, as well an increase in his ability to perform complex, custom jobs more quickly and easily than ever before.
Lightly tapping your screwdriver with a hammer while it is inserted into the screws head may also release Best Woodworking Cam Software it. A magnet roller is a series of circular dough-nut shaped magnets stacked atop one another on a through-shaft. Sometimes tapping the screw as you apply chemical solution allows for deeper penetration and easier extraction. Remember to keep you hands safe from burns and to avoid using flammable oils near hot screws until they have cooled. Before resorting to fatter screws try re-securing the current screw: insert one or a few depending lightly glued toothpick piecess into the screw hole. Lightly tapping your screwdriver with a hammer while it is inserted into the screws head may also release it. Optimizing the Woodworking Screw: Tips for Tightening Removal Clean-up and More The small stuff can be the most frustrating part of your woodworking shop. Hold ice dry ice is most effective against the screw until it has sufficiently cooled attempt to reverse it again. During this seminar, you’ll learn how to be more competitive and profitable through live machinery demonstrations, educational sessions and networking with others in your industry.
The International National Woodworking Fair 2016 will be one of the top woodworking trade shows in the world for the furniture manufacturing, architectural woodwork, custom and general woodworking industries.
Today’s webcast we are going to spend a few minutes talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution that we are now part of, and where technology has gone.
Lamar, Missouri, February 24, 2016 ~ RSA Solutions, proudly announces their new membership with the Woodwork Institute (WI), located in West Sacramento California as one of their Millwork Industry Partners. With rising material costs, salaries and insurance costs, owners need to be as lean as possible in their manufacturing process. Join us for our first Manufacturing Solutions Seminar of 2016 at our High Point, NC showroom. In this informative session, you will see a live demonstration of how On Screen Take Off can save you thousands of dollars in plan related expenses and tremendously improve the speed of your takeoff and estimating process.
Lamar, Missouri, September 9, 2015 ~ RSA Solutions, proudly announces Cut Rite now connects to any brand CNC saw. New Perspectives for New Challenges…An Inspired Path to the Future AWI 63rd Annual Convention September 27-29, 2015 Salt Lake City, Utah Join AWI Member Manufacturers and Suppliers to gain fresh ideas and adapt to new challenges facing architectural woodworkers at the 63rd annual AWI Convention. Today’s woodworking market not only expects tailored designs, but top quality and rapid production speeds. During today’s webcast you will start making a simple layout by adding walls, floors and cabinetry.

Lamar, Missouri, May 26, 2015 ~ Roger Shaw & Associates, proudly announces they are now distributors of Cut Rite Modular, one of the leading optimization and production software on the market. Join Stiles Machinery on April 29 for a complimentary opportunity to experience the latest advancements in machining and fabrication for mechanical plastics. Lamar, Missouri, March 10, 2015 ~ Roger Shaw & Associates Are very proud to announce that Author Mick Peters will be conducting two book signings at the annual Executive Briefing Conference, which is in Atlanta this year. The Architectural Woodwork Institute has been the voice of the woodworking industry for more than half a century.
With a blank slate ahead of us…what a better time get a edge over your competition and capture more jobs for 2015! Overview of the Executive Briefing Conference (EBC) Since 2002, the Executive Briefing Conference has become the premier venue for key manufacturers to network and explore new ways to succeed. For more information on BobCAD-CAM software for CNC Milling and Routing as well as the BobART add-on module for artistic manufacturing please call 877-262-2231 or 727-442-3554. Partnered with his brother, Kurt, Jack Kellerman opened Kellerman Kitchen & Bath in 1995 after noticing a significant absence in high-quality kitchen and bath showrooms in Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas. Available from Vero Software, the program continues to be used in the manufacturing process today, Kellerman adds.
However, Kellerman, says, that CAM package wasn’t able to serve all of the company’s needs. According to Kellerman, one recent project entailed programming and cutting 85 parts in seven different shapes, for a total of 595 pieces.  “I just select the thickness of the material and hit ‘nest,’” he says.
For some of the custom jobs, Kellerman uses a combination of Alphacam and Aspire, an Alphacam add-in that allows the user to import an image, such as a photograph, to create the part geometry. Once it simulates the whole thing, you’ve got a cut part that you can look at in three dimensions. The engraving command contours geometries with a form tool and, upon meeting a sharp corner, automatically retracts the tool to produce a sharp corner.
Alphacam is used in the manufacture of many types of components, from simple routed parts to complex, 5-axis furniture components. Best Woodworking Cam Software non-removable screws are designed with a head-slot that can Best Woodworking Cam Software only be twisted to insert the screw. In the hardest woods your pilot hole should measure about the diameter of your screw – in softer woods your pilot hole should be about the diameter of your screw. Quick Magnetic Cleanup: Rather than scraping up your hands and tables while you scoop and slide your screws and nails to cleanup try this quick cleanup method. A stuck screw can be the worst kind of nuisance but be patient and focused and one of these methods is bound to get that stubborn screw un-stuck.
Non-removable screws are designed with a head-slot that can only be twisted to insert the screw.
Remember these tips to optimize your woodworking screw and minimize your frustrations with these stubborn parts.
RSA Solutions shares many of the core values of WI and their passion for bringing the best to the industry. The second part of this event will cover software automation and why it’s important to bottom line profits. Do you currently own a nested machining center and would like to know how to increase your machining capacity?
Industry experts will present timely and innovative topics designed to enhance your knowledge and provide ideas for solving manufacturing challenges. Take advantage of this unique occasion to interact with industry experts from RSA Solutions & Stiles Machinery.
An extremely powerful, flexible & highly intelligent AutoCAD based software, leaving all other cabinet software behind.
OnScreen Takeoff estimating and bidding software allows you to move from manual printed plans, scales and markers and moves to the digital era were we can, onscreen and on your computer, work electronically.
Join RSA at the AWI 62nd Annual Convention – to think BIG, Texas-style and outside the box. EasyWOOD is complete and fully manages the woodworking process: from design to disposition of pieces and underpieces on the bench, 3D automatic collision detection with simulation, machining optimization and program generation.

Kellerman's imaginative designs required a more dynamic and flexible manufacturing tool that would truly unlock the capabilities of his CNC.
Francisco Rodriguez Guillen is a Costa Rican artist who combines cabinetmaking and art with CNC machining technology to produce stunning finished projects. The emphasis behind the development of Alphacam is to provide our customers with productivity, reliability, and flexibility.
It is easy to assume that pulling a loose screw and replacing it with a larger one is the best solution – however that bigger screw is just as likely to work free from the wood as it predecessor. We are pleased to introduce iFurn to the marketplace as an important resource for critical engineering and purchasing data.
Join the Florida AWI chapter on Friday February 27, 2015 for an exciting Architectural Woodworking Standards & Veneering Seminar. Russ is a University of South Florida graduate and has been involved in the woodworking industry for more than 30 years.
As a leader within your organization, leveraging the value of this data is one of your biggest challenges. In the not too distant past, woodworkers and designers were left with innovating their designs on paper.
Thanks to the plug-in EasyBEAM, the software machines beams, wooden structures and roofs; the plug-in EasyWALL allows to machine panels.
He expresses his job is cabinetmaking while his passion is Marquetry, or inlay type craftsmanship and artistry. Accept the challenge of exploring new directions, new opportunities and new possibilities for growth. Table and Pieces DispositionEasyWOOD makes the woodworking process smoother and automatically position pieces and subpieces on the bench. Once the screw hascooled the expansion should allow you the room to reverse the screw out. Place a small steel punch or chisel off-center in the screws head slots and hit it with a hammer in a counter-clockwise motion. It is easy to assume that pullin a loose screw and replacing it with a larger one is the best solution – however that bigger screw is just as likely to work free from the wood as it predecessor. Francisco started as an artist in working with custom woods in 1995 and has specialized in Marquetry (inlay) since 2000. He has no mechanical engineering background, has no CNC machining experience and has never used CAD-CAM software before, yet he saw the potential and decided to take a chance on technology as the means to expand his vision and automate the process. He chose BobCAD-CAM software for its ease of use and powerful artistic capabilities for CNC woodworking.His latest CAD-CAM project work with the BobCAD-CAM software includes a Queen Anne leg CNC machined out of exotic wood in his shop.
My art seeks to understand and express the poetry of wood and for this I use my marquetry”, commented Francisco when discussing his art. His latest design and CNC project with the BobART artistic add-on software is a custom cabinet project. Once the design stage was complete he generated the toolpath strategies and simulated the part using the BobCAD-CAM CNC software. With the power of BobCAD-CAM software and the BobART add-on Francisco was able to create efficient 4 Axis toolpath and the NC program for the part that only took 90 minutes to machine.
A cycle time that would have taken days to machine without CAD-CAM Software or the BobART system due to the intricate design and 4th Axis machining program that was involved. The BobCAD-CAM software makes the toolpath based off of the design and then converts the toolpath into an exact numeric language or G-Code format that the Mach 3 requires in order to correctly run the machine. Everything from used wood floor foundations from old houses to antique oak poles, wooden farm house material and barn siding can all be used to make artistic designs that are magical when finished. The machining uncovered a significant beauty after several longitudinal cuts out of the aged and weathered hard oak material on the CNC Router.
We are unable to run DXF files in Biesse rover gold, which are converted from solid works.we need CAM application.

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