As part of an ongoing training initiative, the Woodworking Club had a class on inlay on March 9. Members of the Woodworking Club represent all skill levels in a variety of different aspects of woodworking from those who have been woodworking all of their lives to those who are just learning.
It's easy to help your child develop skills with tools in woodworking -- and have a huge amount of fun in the process! We're talking about real hammer-and-nails woodworking here, not just gluing pieces of wood together. To show our commitment to the better understanding of child development, we will donate a portion of the proceeds from every Young Woodworkers kit to help research the causes and treatment of autism. Fitness CentersSince 1960, Sun City AZ has led the way in active adult fitness, offering education and appropriate exercise to seniors of all ages. Recreation CentersRCSC Cardholders have seven Sun City recreation centers in which to play. Your Sun City AZ Week"Your Sun City AZ Week" is sent to RCSC News Email Alert subscribers every Sunday.
CBS Sunday Morning's Conor Knighton stopped by recently for a visit when he realized that Sun City was actually old enough to live in Sun City. Recently, talk show host Bill Clevlen visited Sun City AZ and learned first-hand what we already know. Dancing with the Stars 2015Phoenix public radio station KJZZ stopped by during Dancing with the Sun City Stars rehearsal and aired this segment about the competition. The North County Woodworking Club is dedicated to sharing information, knowledge and techniques of woodworking processes for the benefit of all skill levels of woodworkers.
We are a group of woodworking enthusiasts (and some fanatics) ranging from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals. The club is a good place to learn new things, share ideas and just meet with a great bunch of people. This year there will be a large focus on shop safety, so please make sure to review the documents, videos and quicksheets on the Safety Page on this site.

Pens for Peacekeepers is in full swing, so get turning and bring the pens into the shop when finished. Entires were judged in two major categories (turned items and non-turned items) and overall Best in Show. The class was conducted by Ray Wazny in the woodshop and covered the basic process of carving out a design in wood and different methods of inlaying turquoise and other materials into the design.
If you are interested in learning to work with wood we encourage you to come by the shop and see what the possibilities are.
We call it the Young Woodworkers Kit Club, and it's a wonderful series of woodworking kits designed especially for kids 7-12 years old. Their personal sense of pride and confidence will SOAR as they discover their new-found skills! There's no special knowledge or skills required, and each kit includes all the pre-cut pieces needed to make an awesome project! An exciting, new woodworking kit will be addressed and delivered directly to your child about every six weeks. Each kit includes all the pre-cut wood your child needs to complete each project from start to finish, including all the necessary nails and fasteners. Your child will discover that actively building something out of solid wood with their own two hands can be more fun than passively sitting in front of a video screen. No other 55+ community in the country can boast as many centers as the original Sun City AZ.
Watch the "Fun in the Sun" segment that aired on May 17, 2015 and meet a few of our 2nd and even 3rd generation Sun Citians! Congratulations to Donna Anderson & Joey Williams on their winning performance and a big round of applause for all the Sun City contestants. Our members have varied interests in woodworking including carving, turning, box making, furniture making, cabinetmaking and a whole lot more.
To start the class you will focus on creating a handmade layout square for marking and measuring as well as handmade sanding blocks to fit the contour of your hand.

The four participants each used the techniques they had learned to complete cutting boards. If you have questions you can contact Woodworking Club President David Bassham at 214-731-9608. And the instructions show each step of the construction in clear, up-close photos, so little or no adult assistance will be needed.
This could open up a whole new world of creative activities that will build valuable skills for a lifetime.
Visit his blog "Bill On the Road" where you will find the link to his conversation with RCSC Board Director Rich Hoffer which was broadcast in 30 markets across the Midwest.
The  expertise level of our members varies from the master craftsman with years of experience to novices who are looking for a new venture. Discover how to correctly use a marking knife as well as how to cut a straight line with the pull saw.
This training initiative by the Woodworking Club is designed to help its members elevate their skill levels and take advantage of the considerable experience and expertise of the club’s membership. In addition to another inlay class that will be offered later this year, the club is also planning on providing training on pen making, acrylic pen blank pouring techniques and box making to name a few.
If you have ever needed a large work table, but don’t have enough room to make a permanent solution, simply lay any flat surface onto your new handmade saw ponies to create a quick space to work. You will learn how to hand chop a lap joint and carve the shoulders of the ponies with a mallet & chisels.
Our 9 am monthly membership meeting is held at the club on the first Tuesday of the month from October through April.
Other techniques include how to trim joints with a slick and how to use handmade sanding blocks to get a perfect fit.

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