The DELTA 50-345 Universal Mobile Base lets you easily and safely move machines out of the way when not in use, so you'll be able to maximize the space in your shop. The Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table provides a premium large work surface for woodworking and routing.
This sturdy, affordable mobile base hardware allows you to build a base of any size by adding wood stretchers in whatever length you need.
The Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating Tool offers do-it-yourselfers and pros a versatile and effective multitasking tool. This self centering, 3 jaw micro chuck is ideal for holding small projects from the inside or outside. Featuring a removable drill guide for use with benchtop and portable bases, the Kreg Jig Master System is the ultimate pocket-hole jig, and a great choice for any woodworking enthusiast. The Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener is an easy-to-use dry sharpening system for chisels, plane irons, lathe tools, carving tools, and other woodworking tools.
The Work Sharp™ WS2000 is the grinding and sharpening solution for the home hobbyist and do it yourselfer who wants sharp tools quickly and easily..
Designed to help you complete both professional jobs and hobby projects, the Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Top Plus is a multi-purpose system for interior fitting and renovation.
This tool makes quick work of the toughest jobs in remodeling, carpentry installation, repair, crafting, and more. Get a powerful grip on your work with the PSI Woodworking CSC3000C Barracuda Wood Lathe Key Chuck System.
The Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Variable Speed Router with Edge Guide is a versatile tool that's ideal for performing custom carpentry, trimming laminate flooring or deck planks, mortising hinges, dovetailing, and a host of other at-home and professional jobs. By selling direct to our customers, we do not have to factor in a resale discount which would apply if we were selling through distributors. We buy direct from our suppliers, with no distributor involved and are effectively wholesaling these machines to you, the customer. These quality machines are just as good as higher priced, but similar specification machines you may have come accross on the market - the only difference is our price. We'd love you to see for yourself - our showroom is open throughout the week and you're welcome to inspect our bandsaws in person.

The 50-345 fits most base sizes and will hold up to 300 pounds; you simply add your own hardwood rails. Designed to fit a variety of routers and able to mount on any workbench, this router table is a versatile piece of equipment that will serve as an indispensable part of any woodworking shop. This adds up to big cost savings, especially when compared to large mobile bases that are ready-made. Starter Kit enables you to build your own log furniture, achieving old world craftsmanship with today's most advanced log cutting technology!
With fast side-to-side motion, the Multi-Max can take on a variety of projects that involve repair, remodeling, or restoration. Master Kit enables you to build your own log furniture, achieving old world craftsmanship with today's most advanced log cutting technology! Designed for the serious woodworker, this sharpening system is packed with unique features that make it easy to achieve consistent angles on flat blades and contoured tools. Fully adjustable mobile base features side rails and corner pieces with holes spaced every 1 inch to insure the perfect fit for your machine.
Three ways to sharpen your tools: Top Side with Tool Rest, the Chisel and Plane Iron Port and the Edge-Vision Port. This all-round package gives you the professional tools and accessories that you need to take on a wide range of hobbies, and interior fittings and renovation projects--from floor and tile work to renovating windows and cabinetry. The SoniCrafter utilizes microsonic oscillation to create a high-frequency action that makes sawing, sanding, scraping, cutting, rasping, and dozens of other projects easy.
This router packs big power in a small, compact package for extended comfort and maximum accuracy. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
This machine is the result of design combining high frequency medium heating technology and vacuum cryogenic dehydration technology, greatly reduced drying time. The mobile machine base features a foot-operated control lever that lets you easily raise and lower the base for either moving or locking it in place.

Just step on the generously-sized pedal and the mobile base raises the tool onto a single swivel caster.
Its smaller diameter provides a safety feature, keeping your knuckles away from the jaws when working close to the chuck. This equipment adopts PLC programming control, drying chamber equipped with 80mm thick thermal insulating layer and inside & outside two sets stainless steel condensation system, it is more convenient to choose lumber drying procedure and applicable for drying all kinds of wood. The smaller front roller changes everything you know about using a belt sander, making the belt's route more of a triangle than an oval. A biscuit jointer creates two slots which are crescent shaped in the two pieces of wood and then uses a biscuit or a flat piece of compressed wood in an elliptical shape to bring both together.
The main control valve adopts pneumatic valve technology, this technology have advantages like steady, long serve life and low failure rate.
And because of that, you can get the grit to spaces you couldn't with a standard belt sander—for example, you can actually scoot right up to the baseboard when sanding a floor. The main advantage of our wood drying equipment: short drying cycle, super quality, cost effective and eco-friendly. The biscuit is slathered in glue before it is inserted into the slots and as the glue dries, the biscuit expands, making the joint very firm. If the wood pieces are long, there can be more than one biscuit joint used to hold the two together. The biscuit jointer is suitable for milling slots for shadow joint connections in compact wood, plywood and chip boards.
Specialize in wood and metal machine, such as Band Saw, Milling Machine, Sawmill, Drum Sander and Drill Press etc.3. It serves edge connections for manufacturing properly matching, firm and safe wood joints with Lamellos, e.g.

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