Since the RED ONE camera was announced in 2006, WB FINANCIAL has been leading the way with comprehensive camera leasing & and financing options for the RED ONE, RED EPIC, and RED Scarlet camera along with a full line of lenses and accessories.
Although RED Digital Cinema does not offer in-house leasing or financing options, they are more than happy to work with an experienced entertainment equipment leasing company like WB FINANCIAL. WB FINANCIAL is NOT just another equipment leasing company, we are entertainment industry specialists serving all avenues of digital media, filmmaking, cinematography, videography, photography, graphic arts, sound production, lighting and more. With new cinema lenses costing $50k+, our lens financing programs allow professionals to acquire high quality cinema glass with little money down and terms up to 60-months. When the time comes to upgrade your camera or sensor with RED, allow WB FINANCIAL to finance the cost of the upgrade. Novaculite: making stone cutting tools , Novaculite has been used to make cutting tools and weapons since prehistoric times. Machinery associates – woodworking machinery marketplace, Woodworking machinery for sale, used and new, large online inventory of quality woodworking equipment. WB FINANCIAL is your #1 source for competitive printing equipment leasing options across the United States. Well qualified lessees can also take advantage of 90-day deferred payment programs which will allow your printing equipment to start generating revenue before regular monthly payments begin. The printing equipment leasing & financing programs offered by WB FINANCIAL cover many different applications, for both new and used pieces of equipment.
WB FINANCIAL is a nationwide leader in providing printing equipment leasing and finance options to vendors and manufacturers. WB FINANCIAL is a full-service financial firm specializing in equipment financing (leases & loans), working capital loans, and providing vendor finance options across a variety of industries. With dedicated account managers available to walk you through the financing process, WB FINANCIAL takes a personal approach to business lending.
Application-only (no financial disclosure) financing programs up to $150K, 24-hour credit approvals and same day fundings are what set us apart from the competition.
Over 80% of business owners in the United States choose to lease or finance some or all of their equipment.

Every member of the WB FINANCIAL team has a minimum of 10-years experience in the world of business finance.
WB FINANCIAL account managers are experts within the industries they serve and have an intimate knowledge of commercial equipment and how it makes you money. Church Equipment Leasing- Is your church seeking financing for an upcoming equipment purchase, construction project, or possible expansion? If so, you've probably already waded through the piles and piles of Church finance information available on the Internet. Woodworking Machinery Leasing Q: I am thinking of financing a new piece of woodworking machinery on a "lease-to-own" program.
Our ability to provide accessible RED Camera financing options have allowed numerous clients in the United States to upgrade to the latest in digital cinema equipment. When leasing high-tech production gear and video equipment, dealing with the right leasing company makes all the difference in the world. The entertainment industry moves quickly, and industry professionals KNOW they need an equipment leasing company that understands their unique needs. Application only (no financial disclosure) approvals are available up to $125k for established companies. No matter if your company needs a used stitcher, or a brand new 6-color printing press, we have the financing programs in place to accommodate a wide range of needs. Refurbished printing presses sold by authorized dealers can qualify for the same attractive financing terms as some new presses.
Recognized as one of the nation's top equipment leasing companies, WB FINANCIAL is a certified "Best Practices" financial firm by the NAELB (National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers), a designation which reflects our commitment to ethical lending practices. By taking the time to understand your business needs we are able to offer commercial financing options which are unsurpassed in the industry. Enjoy minimal out-of-pocket costs, tax benefits, and preserve capital while acquiring the equipment you need. Our managing members each boast over 40-years of experience in the equipment leasing and commercial finance industry.
We've handled in-house financing programs for some of the largest manufacturers and resellers in the United States.

What does a leasing company mean when they mention "lease-to-own?"A: Lease-to-own, or rent-to-own options are probably the most popular lease structures by utilized by businesses today.
In fact,over 80% of all business in the US have utilized leasing in order to finance their equipment purchases. We have the ability to finance new RED camera purchases as well as sensor and model upgrades down the road.
Our funding capabilities are second-to-none and allow small to mid-sized businesses to acquire the equipment and capital needed for daily operations. Our full suite of business financing options will allow you to sell MORE equipment and control the sales process. Many times, leasing is a much quicker way to acquire equipment than other sources of business finance. With RED starting Dragon sensor upgrades, WB FINANCIAL is pleased to offer special RED Dragon camera financing at the best possible rates!
Talk to a sales manager today to see how we can help your organization sell more equipment, even in this slow economy. Below you will find straight-forward answers to many common church finance questions, in plain English. Once you locate your desired printing press or finishing equipment, you must then worry about paying the freight charges to get your equipment to you. This process alone could put you out tens of thousands of dollars before your equipment even arrives!

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