Expansion is possible, but for something this small, it probably won’t have much effect. Steve-Chris, in this build there are no cross grain situations that would cause an adverse effect.
As I was designing this, I kept thinking to myself how easy this project would be to build. Big challenges were getting the compound angles for the legs cut accurately, and cutting the connector dowels to the proper lengths. Drill press tables are over-rated, unless you need to drill wildly inaccurate repetitious holes. Oh yeah, I must have missed the part in the video where you take a flying leap onto the bar stool to test it’s strength. A stool has been something I been thinking about building for awhile now, but chairs are one of the areas of woodworking I’m clueless on and this really just blew my mind on how actually simple it was to make it.
After building the Murphy Bed for the guest bedroom (craft room) I realized that if anyone wants to sleep on it, they will need a night stand to set things on.
My first idea was to make a series of built-in shelves in the corner, all the way to the top of the cabinet,  with a lower shelf extending out to serve as a night stand. Instead I chose to make a small-space nightstand that will be practical for a lot of people. My wife picked out the knobs and we chose to paint it all white to fit in the playful color theme of the craft room.
To make the drawers slide easily, sand the runners and the undersides of the drawers as smooth as you can using 220 grit sandpaper. Steve – maybe for the side next to the door, put a small shelf just inside the murphy case. Can I substitute the wax with just rubbing a really big wax candle on the parts of the drawer?
When attaching the two sides together around 3:13 of the video, how did you get to the other pocket holes for the rails, etc?
Steve, I would have liked to have seen a cutting diagram, how much plywood do i need to buy ?

The easiest method for creating sliding lids is to simply cut grooves in the sides of the box, like I did for this wine box.
I cut a block of wood a bit larger than the finished box size, then cut off a thin slice for the bottom of the box and another thin slice for the lid. I used a paper cutting template to help me cut out the triangular shape for the inside of my box.
With a dovetail bit in my router, I adjusted its height to match the thickness of the lid and I plowed out the opening in a few passes.
For the inside of the box, I cut shapes that would hold the chopsticks and chopsticks rest perfectly and glued them into place. I found the centers of the drawers and the drawer faces, drilled holes and temporarily attached the knobs.
The lid (or top if you prefer a fifth drawer) is a plywood board with strips glued to all four edges. Thank you very much Steve and my most sincere congratulations for your contributions to your youtube channel. I faced the same issue on a murphy bed I made where the screws for the handles were too short.
Instead of a forstner bit, you can just buy know screws that are longer at the home center. You literally only need five boards to make it: two legs are joined to two stretchers and one board is the seat.
Since the actual construction of a five board bench is so basic, there is no limit to how you can spice it up with your own design ideas. I noticed you didn’t even have to sand the edge of the seat before you put the roundover on it. This is where you can get as fancy as you like or challenge your skills with any number of joints. I work very fast because of my tight schedule and pocket screws are indispensable. In case you thought you were adding a helpful comment, adding glue to a pocket hole in furniture not intended to be disassembled is not an common practice by furniture makers (even on the Internet). Maybe Ted should realize we all do not have the time to make mortise and tenon joints and pocket hole joinery works just fine .

I’m a 49 year old woman trying to learn a new hobby and I am very proud of the final product. I am a 49 year old woman trying to learn woodworking and must say I am very proud of my first piece of furniture.
I used a clear wax as a top coat for the large cabinet and liked how it looks, so decided to give this colored wax a try. I took a little liberty with this by joining two narrower boards together to create the top and legs since I wanted the seat to be 14″ wide.
As it sometimes the case, actually building something comes with challenges I never expect on paper. Of course if you hadn’t the table probably would have fallen apart by next week since pocket hole screws are utter crap. Storing small items is difficult in deep drawers: the thing you are searching for is often at the bottom,  buried under a pile of other stuff. The trick to making drawers is to not worry about making their lengths to any exact measurement. In my case, it snugly holds a pair of stainless steel Korean chopsticks and chopsticks rest.
Especially if you just want the compartment to be rectangular. I cut out the compartment using my jigsaw.
Just make them deep enough to slide in comfortably and glue in a stop block somewhere in the back.
I can see the process and have captured it mentally but having dimensioned plans is necessary when cutting the pieces, especially if I have to alter the dimensions.

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