The carpenter is not the best who makes more chips than all the rest…if it’s piles of  sawdust you seek grab your angle grinder for havoc you soon will wreak.
Sure, the angle grinder is an awesome tool to have around when working on metal, but what do you know about how-to use an angle grinder on wood? When it comes to carving, shaping and sanding wood there are many effective tools to consider.
If you are a woodworker looking for a fast and easy method to quickly carve, then shape, and finally sand out large gouges and even chainsaw curfs, the angle grinder is the tool for you. Keep in mind though, the angle grinder will remove much wood in a hurry, and like all power tools, when using your angle grinder on wood, be certain to wear safety goggles and other appropriate PPE. And for finely detailed woodworking projects you may consider other, less aggressive alternatives. WARNING: ALWAYS READ AND OBSERVE ALL SAFETY RULES, INSTRUCTIONS AND PRECAUTIONS THAT COME WITH YOUR TOOLS. Click here now and learn how-to properly and safely use the Lancelot and Squire carving wheels. When using your angle grinder to work on wood always consider how much wood needs to be removed and how fast you want to remove that wood. Remember, most angle grinders have operating head speeds of up to 13,000 revolutions per minute; some even faster.
Abrasive flap discs are nothing more than many small pieces of sand paper adhered to a rigid backing disc which can be attached to your angle grinder. In terms of material removal capacity, service life and sanding quality, flap discs are as versatile as the angle grinder itself.
Use woodworking flap discs on your angle grinder just like you would use sand paper.  To eliminate deep scratches or gouges, start with a heavy grit working your way up to the lighter 100 -120 and finer grit sanding flap discs for final finish. When it comes to shaping wood, nothing works better than abrasive carving discs like the Holey Galahad®.
Abrasive carving discs incorporate carbide teeth that work with or against the grain on all types of wood. Carving wheels, like the Lancelot® you see being misused in the video above, are specialty tools designed specifically for working on wood and other non ferrous materials. Carving wheel attachments are highly aggressive and will power their way through the hardest of woods and other soft non ferrous materials with ease.

Hirsch #4 Bent Gouge, 14mmHirsch carving tools are regarded by many as Europe's finest woodcarving tools.
Each tool is fitted with a large octagonal handle providing an exceptionally powerful and sturdy grip. Hirsch Swiss Pattern Gouge, #3 SweepWide, flaring blades prepare the ground efficiently, easily reaching into acute corners around raised elements in relief or sculptural carving. Over the years I’ve owned an extensive range of woodworking tools ranging from used equipment purchased from second-hand shops through to brand new Trades quality equipment. Stone finishing for all types of carving tools and blades is highly recommended to improve the quality of the work and prolong the life of the edge.
Wood carving tools like chisels, wood planes, routers and dremel systems can exert a fair amount of force on the material that’s being worked and keeping the job still and firmly in position is usually very important to the end result. For fine decorative and precision carving jobs, holding the item still is an even bigger challenge since it becomes imperative that the item remain perfectly still during the carving process. The OZ-Vice makes the perfect complement to any woodworking tool kit and can be used to assist with maintaining your tools and assisting with manufacture and repair jobs. Then see for yourself which angle grinder attachments work best for carving, shaping, and sanding wood. Only one however, can be quickly adapted to accomplish all three of these common woodworking tasks with ease. With the proper attachments, these powerful little hand tools have the ability to remove a massive amount of material in a hurry. While the first abrasive flap discs for high-speed angle grinders were developed towards the end of the 1970s and were somewhat crude, new versions offer much diversity.
The flap discs designed for use on wood are very similar in nature to the flap discs designed for use on metal. From bowls to bears, artistic wooden sculptures to log furniture, anytime you need to shape wood, use an abrasive carving disk attachment on your angle grinder and you will get the job done in no time. These extremely sharp, conical teeth provide excellent surface removal on wood and are easy to control with just about any angle grinder. Carving wheels are typically heavily toothed with something similar to chainsaw teeth or heavily sharpened steel and alloy teeth. During that time I learnt how to spot good quality items, to help reduce maintenance and ensure a long tool life.

Good quality chisel steel contains plenty of carbon allowing it to hold a sharp edge for longer. Because the OZ-Vice by Bench Pro vice comes with hard jaw covers, you can firmly hold the blades still while sharpening them without risk of damage to the vice from the exceptionally hard blade steel. The soft jaw covers are designed to avoid bruising the item being clamped while still maintaining an equal if not better grip on the object. The OZ-Vice  can be a handy helper on jobs like this since it can be mounted to any horizontally or vertically aligned surface like the edge or leg of a workbench or even sitting on the floor clasping the door in the vice jaws (acting as a horizontal stabiliser for the door while its being worked on). Dovetail joins are a good example, while its not strictly carving as such it usually involves the precision use of chisels and saws or possibly a routing tool or dremel like equipment. The OZ-Vice is a multi-purpose portable clamping system designed for a wide range of uses and job types and is widely used by home handymen, hobbyists and professionals alike. DO NOT OPERATE LANCELOT OR SQUIRE WITHOUT FIRST CORRECTLY INSTALLING AND ADJUSTING THE SAFETY GUARD THAT CAME WITH YOUR ANGLE GRINDER! The main difference is found in the abrasive material being used on each disc and in the stiffness of the backing material. Chisels and hand wood planers are some in particular, since they are woodworking hand tools that need constant maintenance to keep the blades sharp and chip free.
Its important not to overheat these blades when sharpening them or it will reduce the integrity of the metal and make them brittle or in some cases reduce the hardening effect of the carbon.
I find its easier to keep the sharpening stone on a level plane than the item being sharpened since its easier to gauge the stones angle by eye due to its size. If its a larger item like a doorway or cupboard door that requires fitting for instance, the challenge is in holding it on its edge for long enough to chisel or route hinge and striker recesses without the door falling over and damaging itself or a section of wall. This helps avoid rounding the sharp edge from wrist movement during the final sharpening process.

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