A A  A  A  A These oval top mahogany tables offer a soft-touch alternative to right-angled pieces.A  The stretchers flare up to a carved finial.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. In America, table saw injuries occur every 9 minutes, these injuries include 10 amputations per day! The innovative, patented safety system found in every one of SawStop's saws is unlike anything else on the market! For a glimpse at just some of the many SawStop products that we carry, scroll down to the very bottom of this post and remember that you can customize the table saws to your liking! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see a comprehensive list of power saw suggestions! Do you love DIY projects but hate how frustrating some of them can be if you aren’t tool savvy? Not only will it save you valuable time and energy but this kit will take the frustration, confusion, and guessing out of any DIY project. The image above just shows you a handful of the DIY projects you could easily build using the DIY Project Kit from Kreg. The cost for this remarkable kit is regularly priced at $99 but for the month of January you can get this ever so essential kit for only $79 plus FREE SHIPPING from Beaver Industrial Supply!
A recent study performed by the Statistic Brain Research Institute in December of 2015, determined that only 8% of the people who make New Year’s Resolutions will actually achieve success.
The worklamp features three led lamps for absolute illumination, a top swivel head, variable illumination control, and a battery fuel gauge. With summer beginning, this provides a great opportunity to revamp inside, outside and around the home!
If you have a charged battery, you can saw wood or drill holes anytime, anywhere under just about any conditions. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Cordless, Track Saw, QuaDrive Drills, festool on June 12, 2015 by admin.
Don’t forget the Mirka Sandpaper, as well as many of the other great products offered through Beaver Industrial Supply.
Most great woodworking projecst need sanding at some point, so we’ve compiled our favorite Spring Woodworking Projects board to feature some great ideas that’s the Mirka DEROS sander can get you started with. See below for our favorite 7 spring woodworking ideas, and be sure to check out Beaver Industrial Supply on Pinterest. Get your kitchen or dining room tables looking years younger by sanding and refinishing with a new stain.
If you live by the beach or love the ocean, try making this incredible seahorse plaque by using sanding to remove some paint for a cool antiqued effect. Get some color going with cool sanding techniques post-painting to liven up shelving around your house.
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Looking for a lightweight sliding compound miter saw that’s easy to use, has superb dust extraction capabilities, eliminates complex angle calculations, and achieves perfect cuts every time? The Kapex KS 120 has been developed to be the best of its kind, incorporating dual-laser marking for quick alignment, cam-actions locks for setting miters quickly, and a rail-forward configuration for working in tight spaces. Portability: With its small size, lightweight and ergonomically designed carrying position, the Kapex is easy to transport without damage to you or the tool. Counter Spring Balanced Bevel: The counter spring balanced bevel adjustment means you can position the bevel at any angle without the head moving, even when it’s not locked in. Lightweight, Compact: With a Magnesium alloy base, the Kapex is extremely rigid and durable yet light and compact. Bevel Lock Knob: Located conveniently on the top, control the bevel positive detents and lock bevel angles.
Special Cutting Position: When employed, the special cutting position provides greater than usual cutting capacity with the flip of a lever. Dust Extraction Port: A swiveling dust extraction port that accepts a 27mm or 36mm hose helps collect up to 91% of saw dust when combined with the Festool CT 22 or CT 33.

Dust Hood: Pliable rubber hood arrests chips and dusts directly from the blade to the dust collection port.
FastFix Blade Changes: Turning the FastFix knob locks the arbor, mechanically locks out the trigger and allows the blade to be changed with a single hand.
Ergonomic Handle Position: Center-positioned handle allows you to make cuts easily with either hand and includes a two-stage trigger to prevent accidental triggering.
Dual Lasers: Easily align cuts from left or right for clearly defined cutting areas and precise cuts. MiterFast Angle Transfer Device: The MiterFast makes the transfer of inside and outside angles from the workpiece to the saw quick and easy, without difficult angle calculations. Miter Lock: Provides aggressive hold preventing inadvertent movement even when near a positive detent. Miter Scale: Etched into the Kapex, it’s easy to read and allows for precise settings to a fraction of a degree. Micro-Bevel Adjustment: Ensure precise bevel placement with up-front rotary knob and easy-to-read gauges. Direct Drive Motor: For a more efficient transfer of energy to blade that controls the power in a constant speed as you cut.
Trenching Capability: Easily cut trenches to create lap joints or go around pipes and other obstacles simply by flipping a knob. Keyed, No-Slip Material Clamp: included with the Kapex, it’s keyed in to make insertion and removal fast and easy. Cord and Tools Storage: onboard storage for the power cord and abor tool helps protect your investment safely and efficiently. Beaver Industrial Supply and Festool strongly promote the importance of dust extraction when working with power tools. Festool Finish line magazine has a great articles and a good reviews on all related products.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged painters, festool on January 29, 2015 by admin. Used Woodworking Machinery - Industrial Woodworking Machines for sale by Primo Woodworking Machinery Inc. Current Inventory: If you see a price below, this exact piece is on hand for immediate purchase.
A In-stock selection and quantities change often, so check back frequently to see my latest additions.
The human body is conductive and therefore creates a change in the electrical signal of the blade.
Still have questions pertaining to the innovative safety features that come standard on every SawStop table saw?
Don’t worry, just explain your saw needs to our trained customer support specialists and they can suggest an array of saw options for you to choose from! That's because the items in this kit simplify the process of using power tools, allowing beginners to accomplish expert-level projects in record breaking time! Maybe the reason this percentage is so low is due to the lack of these individuals having the proper tools (whatever those may be) to achieve their Resolutions.
A large top handle with integrated belt hooks make the SysLite easily transferrable and provides a convenient hands free option.
The brushless FEIN PowerDrive motor impresses with its outstanding service life and 30% greater efficiency than comparable DC motors.
Festool is perfect for those summer woodworking jobs with its safe, efficient and more precise power tools. And Festool has made it their mission to keep up with technological changes and adhere to high expectations of their customers. It really is the best choice for convenience and high technology solutions to your summer projects. With TWO different sales on JET’s products, why not ask for a Beaver Industrial Supply gift certificate and you can get those summer woodworking and metalworking projects started?
The ultimate new product in edge banding, the Festool Conturo Bander is efficient, cost-effective, safe and incredibly simple.

The counter spring balanced head allows you to position the bevel and let go of the saw with the head still moving. Robust rails of 30mm diameter prevent head play and ensure consistently smooth, accurate cuts. For this reason, you can save instantly on the purchase of a Festool Dust Extractor when bundled with the Festool Kapex.
This magazine comes with every Festool order, however now it's available for a download in PDF as well. It may be a new speculative piece, a prototype, or an older piece which has been reduced in price. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a table saw that could "magically" shut down the second it detects contact with skin?! The saw detects this change and spring pushes a brake into the blade, forcing it to stop, retract, and power down all within milliseconds!
This informative guide  will tell you everything you need to know before purchasing a power saw!
This clever kit contains all of the fundamental products you never knew you needed and is truly a necessity for any DIY enthusiast.
Why take hours to do something that (with the right products) could take you 15 minutes!  You won’t find the innovative accessories contained in this DIY Project Kit in any other home improvement kit on the market. Whether your resolution is to finally finish remodeling that guest room or den or perhaps even completing a project that’s been on your to-do list for years, then Beaver Industrial Supply has the tools you need to succeed!
The electronic torque cut-off ensures high repeatability and the FEIN li-ion batteries with SafetyCell technology prevent damage from overloading.
For example, the TSC 55 Cordless Track Saw replaces large, stationary equipment with the precise, handheld track saw system.
For example, the cordless track saw is powered by two 18 V, 5.2 Ah batteries and can zip through 100 meters of sheet goods on a single charge!
Festool is committed to providing the best quality and Beaver Industrial Supply is the ideal place to receive these great products! Also, if you’re looking for a father’s day activity to do with the kids or to just build something you can be proud of, below are some great ideas.
It’s complete line of accessories gives you the complete package for projects from start to finish.
The Festool Uni Worklamp is powered by lithium ion and nickel-based battery packs that do come sold separately.
The TSC 55 Cordless Track Saw and the PDC QuaDrive line makes any cutting or drilling job easier.
The cordless powertool meets and even exceeds the expectations of any Festool product that is crafted to perform.
Also, the FS Guide Rail System technology gives you laser- straight, splinter-free cuts in seconds.
For sheet goods, flooring, countertops and more, extension cords can sometimes get in the way. A This table is rustic with hand planing marks, a knot or two and a dutchman patch.A  This table is available on a custom order basis in sizes up to 72a€? diameter. A This table is quite rustic but the breadboard top has been polished to a hard high sheen. These cordless products can be great time-savers and there is less chance of mistakes because you don't have to mess with tangling or it getting in the way.
For example, the line of QuaDrive drills is supported by its own set of FastFix interchangeable chucks and the complete Centrotec bit change system, making it convenient for almost any project! Driven by a four-speed gearbox, you can switch to high-speed hammer function to plow through concrete, drop it down low to hog out material, or just go mid-range for your drilling applications.

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