Access to the Wood Working Studio, Ceramic Studio, Fine Arts Studio, Textile Studio and Digital Arts Lab from 9 a.m.
Members must show demonstrated ability and prerequisite courses for access to specialized studio equipment (i.e. Additional lockers and storage shelves can be purchased for an additional fee and available for members on a first-come, first-served basis.
Refer to for studio details and descriptions, as well as designated drop-in times.

Drop-In Studio TimeNon-structured creative time to make work offered approximately 12 hours a week in each studio (wood shop, ceramic, fine arts, textile and digital arts). Due to the extent of our production capabilities and available machine options it allows us to be able to meet every customer requirement.
This means, that we can provide woodworking machines that are individual and meet the desired demands and requirements of our customers. Please note there are no discounts available on this membership.QEPCCC Guild members may purchase a monthly membership for $25 + HST.

Regardless of which woodworking machine you decide on - a machine from the Felder Group will never let you down.

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