Hey folks, your correspondent is on the ground at Holz-Handwerk, a massive trade show in Germany covering everything under the sun related to woodworking and furniture building. Benjamin - That's a huge cutter for getting those giant notches like in the piece of wood below it. There's an entirely new direction for materials coming to life—specifically, a hybrid that combines the best of non-living matter with living matter.
There is an exciting development in the works regarding materials science, one that will have a huge impact on product design.Developing new materials has traditionally taken an extremely long time. We travel far and wide to bring you insights into the latest developments in manufacturing techniques.

The refugees training program is sponsored by the Catholic Church and provides German language courses as well as job training in fields such as textiles, agriculture and wood-working. Here they've got machines, tools, jigs, inventions, contrapations, guys named Hans, and all manner of cool stuff that you can use to make other cool stuff.
This time, we trekked all the way into the Himalayas to bring you one of the most ancient ones, relying only on local production, manual labor and artisan skill. Though the show is hosted in Germany and German companies are well-represented, tool manufacturers from all over the world--both major and minor--are here in force.Unsurprisingly the Italian machines (like this jointer from SCM Group, for when you need to flatten boards that are a freaking half-meter wide) have a little flairWith thousands of exhibitors spread over six-and-a-half massive exhibition halls laid out like a sprawling college campus, I realize that I could not possibly see half the stuff in here if I had twice the time, and that makes me want to cry. Germany is accepting a record-number of refugees this year, including from war-torn Syria as well as Iraq, Afghanistan and northern Africa, and German authorities are struggling to provide adequate housing and facilities.

Plus the flowing crush of 100,000 attendees makes shooting video demonstrations of anything just about impossible. And while capturing video and audio is damn nigh impossible here, some exhibitors do of course boast their own, so here's a taste of what you're missing in terms of demonstrations in the CNC exhibition hall alone.

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