These levelers have a non-marring, non-rusting white plastic shoe, covered with a bright chrome (mylar) hood. Let me give thanks to zzzzdoc and tedth66 for showing their nice work with their mobile table saws.
I started to build this project a few weeks ago and have finished the mobile base and two boxes so far.
I used hard maple for the torsion box underneath and pocket screws and holes to secure and attach all of it to the plywood. This photo shows the next box and again I didn’t put the back on so that it will be easier to put the drawers in. I attached the top and glued the two boxes that I had already made and cut open the hole for the table saw. The last box will have two more drawers in it and I will be putting the router table on this box. You can see in the tall cabinet in the center of the saw i am using some under mount slides but have run into a snag with them.
Hopefully this weekend I can get to working on putting the top on the table and maybe putting fronts on all the drawers. I was looking this over and noticed that I need to take some photos and show where I am on the project. By subscribing to the RSS feed you will be notified when new entries are posted on this blog. I was able with the longer arms to get the table to hold by it’s self just could not get it to fold down as it ran into the table. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.

Once that was done I used contact cement to glue an oversized piece of white formica on the top.
After drilling the holes and dry fitting just the 3 border pieces of maple to the saw using the bolts, and making any adjustments, it was time make a slot for the nut, bolt, and washer under the table. I have this same table saw and was looking for some good instruction to add the router table. Rex – I have thought about this, and once the table saw was on the ground (read not using the Herculift) I leaned on the end of the router table to see how much weight it would take and how much it would bend.
I also have the same saw and keep debating between adding one to the saw or a stand alone router table.
I would deffinately support it with at least one extra leg in the middle.I had a router mount on a saw and it did warp the side rails after a year or so. You guys offered some great advice in response to a previous post about laying out a 2-car shop, with a 1 car garage attached.
Necessity being the mother of invention, we are looking at the workshop shifting to the right. If you can't open up the shop perhaps you could solve that problem the way that Jim Becker did in his shop.
My wife and I moved into a new house a few months ago and with it came a 2,000 square foot detached shop with 12’ ceilings. I have moved all of my tools into the cabinet and everything is now organized and dust free. So the house just happen to come with a shop with 12’foot ceiling no less, a then a talented woodworker just happen to make a bid on said house and made a super sweet out feed table and so on and so on.
The hex head provides ready height adjustment as the 114" x 20 screw threads into a T -nut, shown and ordered separately.

I then cut that slab down to size as I knew the glue would cause them to slide around a bit and not be completely square. I have to add, though, that I just wouldn’t feel comfortable unless I figured out a way to add some support. Any way structurally to eliminate part of the wall between the two spaces so you have more flexibility?
I clamped everything down to my table saw to actually screw it together, being the flattest surface, in order to try and get the table and maple border flush with each other.
Only question would be do you have any concerns about weight on the rails and the rails bending?
The big question for me was going to be ‘how do I tighten the nuts once I slide the bolts table onto the fence. This will help you fine tune the table top height vs the saw height, making everything flush. Once it was drilled I lined up the maple that was going to be there and made it flush with the table top and traced out the holes on the maple so I could see exactly where to drill.
The manufacturer has provided no weight rating for this leveler, but it is heavy duty.Used in conjunction with HDLEVELPLATE. I also measured where the T-bolts were going to slide in on the rails and marked off the two side pieces of maple so I could drill them at the same time.

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