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Not every most of us could make high-class contemporary fittings by simply ourself much much better than any sort of task that individuals tend to be visualizing, that everybody Specifications to find the approaches of go and then task. I did not pay enough attention to make the best out of the builds, when coming to square and tight fit, but after watching almost ever episode of NYWS, and every other available woodworking show, along with reading many magz, I am picking up a few tricks to getting better results. Blogging about this build may not be the perfect thing but since this build is not done in a couple of evenings, I thought why not. I have actiually done most of the building already, but I will post some pictures along with some comments, and see if there is any intrest in following this build out thre. Have not made any sketchup drawings or made any decision on size yest, but I tend to build and develop as I go.
Double sided carpet tape on the drum an emery cloth abrasive in different grits are attached.There is a slot in the drum to fit over a pin drilled into the shaft, ad the drum i secured with a bolt and washer on top. There are some stop collars on the shaft also made from oak and tapped and threaded set screws in these. The top has just been edgebanded tonight, and I hope I will get the top ready for assembly tomorrow.Also need to make more drums of different sizes, and do the wiring of the motor. As I have only single phase in my shop, i run 3 phase motors with capacitors, so the real effect is a fair amount lower than stated above.

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Thanx for the compliments guys.Wish we had HF in Norway, I see a lot of stuff there that I could use, or modify to suit my needs. As the machine is finished and in use, I really dont want to dissasemble it to take photos of each individual part.All the photos I have is posted in this blogs 2 pages. There is information about the parts in the text.All the parts are salvaged parts and is not something that is comercially available in its identical form. 9: Top will be 30mm plastic laminated particle board with inserts to suit the diff dim drums.
Just discovered your machines through youtube and now see that you are a member here as well. Well C,I have been building cabinets and furniture since 1977 when I started in business for my self.Now that I am retired and have a bigger shop than ever, I think I would rather build jigs and machinesto make woodworking more fun than actually using them.
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All of us cannot refuse the reality that no matter how old you are too as the abilities as properly as Studying you have, you are able to Nevertheless perform any type of task realizing how you can adhere to. Ted McGrath spent the final 2 years putting with each other his woodworking package and according to him this package is the most comprehensive online right now.this package is intended for a wide audience. Sure this can be bought, although in Norway they are quite rear, and EXPENSIVE.There are actually no really low end OSS on the market here, so Triton and JET are the only available, as far as I have found, but these are priced from 350-800 USD.

Just use whatever you can get your hands on, for free, or cheap.if you are to by these parts you propably arebetter off buying a comercial one. So I guess we are in the same boat.I am a member of your you tube page, and have enjoyed watching you there. The quality with the information found in Woodworking Machinery (Woodworking Machinery : Special Woodwork For Beginners Must Know Woodworking Tips) is well above anything you will discover on the market today. Doubtful we all have a german 80’s something or other laying around :) Definitely on my to build list! At some point, they can move on towards much more difficult projects as they gain confidence. Experts on the other hand will locate a bit much more to find out from extra suggestions that can additional improve their skill. Before the guide was published, all measurements were correctly checked by an specialist, therefore escalating the reliability of this guide. The illustrations and precise numbering is very essential since several free guides do not provide appropriate specifics which is why many house projects end up failed and abandoned.General, Teds Woodworking is a comprehensive package that aids property owners perform woodworking projects effortlessly. This is a answer for everyone who wants to style inventive house furnishings without hiring the skilled.

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