Every day we fulfill someone's dream of beautiful artistic custom wooden stairs and railings. We are not bound by any proven concepts, and we are experts in thinking "outside of the box".
We can replicate any historic project you found or we can design your dream stairs from scratch. You choose the type of wood and color, and there is little that we cannot do in terms of high-end materials. All of our products are manufactured to last centuries, and we use only the highest quality materials in the manufacturing process. The first step on your journey to become a proud owner of an Old Fashion Woodworking product is a free estimate and quote, right after which you will be given a an AUTO CAD shop drawings to see exactly how your stairs will look, and to make sure they fully reflects the look and feel you had in mind. After we take complete and very detailed measurements, and you approve the final specifications of your project, we immediately begin a manufacturing process. We invite you to take a look at the projects we completed so far, read what our clients had to say about us, and to request a no-obligation evaluation of your project.
In Practical Woodworking students learn and develop their practical skills in a workshop environment, utilising the highly versatile medium of wood.
Skills developed in this course are transferable across the range of practical disciplines and provide a good grounding for students to progress into the further training and apprenticeships in the trades, and engineering industries.
For each project students will undertake a range of practice woodworking techniques before embarking on the main project activity.
A little bit of a lighter post than 1948 as I get back in the saddle and put my game face on, for here is Entrapment, a marvelous maneuvering game for all ages. The basic construction of the board is a figured hard maple egg-crate with end grain mahogany squares pushed through and a thin (3mm) BB bottom glued on.

The playing pieces and fences are again in maple and mahogany with an oil finish and a waxing session on the buffing wheel.
5mm mini wonder hinges were used, with a shellac finish rubbed out then lacquered and waxed. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ.
Scott is responsible for development, implementation, evaluation, and management of environmental studies, particularly aquatic studies associated with hydroelectric and other water resource projects. Stillwater Ecosystem, Watershed and Riverine Sciences Copyright © 2015Stillwater Sciences is a certified Woman Business Enterprise and a certified Small Business. Our clients know that we create miracles of woodcarving every day, and there is no concept that we cannot make into reality.
Since we specialize in manufacturing of all types of custom wooden stairs, railings, and wood caps, your imagination is pretty much the only limit on what we can do. We can provide all types of domestic and exotic woods such as oak, mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple, birch, ebony, Brazilian cherry, teak, etc., so your stairs will have the exact color and type of wood of your liking. We only use solid wood blocks to create your handrails and woodcaps, not like other manufacturers, we do use adhesives and we laminate the stair stringers. Our designers will work with you as long as you need to make sure the project looks exactly as you envisioned it. We only use traditional techniques and proven methods of manufacturing; however we use the most modern equipment available on the market.
Complete with color photos, detailed instructions and technical illustrations, this publication is from the US. Students will learn how to read working drawings, and how to use hand and machine tools and processes to produce quality products within strict dimensional tolerances.

It must promise engrossing play (and here I rely upon the evaluation of others initially) and it must be an opportunity to kick up the build quality from the original to make it a visual and tactile treat. Your goal is not to arrive anywhere but to defeat your opponent by boxing in their pieces as the name would suggest. With a couple of trial strips left over from the grid I put a gentle curve on the length, a quite a bit tighter one on the width, a finger scoop in the centre and then designed the storage box around them. While they still look detailed.You should try to reach the developers Gene, and see if they are willing to update to your versions!? While designing your dream stairs we make sure that your project is safe and conforms to all local building codes. Entrapment satisfies beautifully on both counts though somehow the build was a real bear and was riddled with mistakes and elaborate tryouts.
Game play begins by each person randomly placing their roamers, or pawns, and then moving them to escape capture or else placing fences to trap your opponents pieces..
The sky’s the limit on board style, pieces and storage with an absorbing play promised for you in the end. His other interests include bike riding, hiking, scuba diving, golf, woodworking, and activities his kids are involved in. An unusual twist is that you may hop over your own fences just once as you make your escape, but then they are rotated vertically and become impenetrable.
The game may also be played with a barrier stick inserted to reduce the board to 6×7 squares.

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