Stuart’s gone to the Woodworking Show for many years, including this year, but I also attended it this year and thought it would be interesting to share my perspective on the show. Because of scheduling, the only time I was able to attend the show was when it first opened at noon on Friday, and then only for a few hours. Now I know that the time I picked might have biased the crowd towards the retired population, how kids would probably still be in school, and younger adults would be working, but it reminded me how I really don’t see as many women or young people in woodworking as there should be. I told the guy at the booth that I’m just a hack and it can be intimidating going up to a group of people that are very accomplished woodworkers.
I asked him a little about the machine and he said the model at the show was about $5000 with all the options shown. For instance, a 48″ section of mini T-track normally costs $20 on their website, and was marked down to $15 at the Show. About BenjamenBenjamen Johnson is an engineer that grew up watching his dad work as a contractor and woodworker.
They had them out West in CA for many years in a row … not sure if they skipped the East back then and are just swapping out a bit. As someone that is slowly getting into woodworking I’m always amazed at how much of a money syphon it can be.
Evidently at St Paul, a local Bosch dealer was willing to do that, but not any of the local DeWalt or Milwaukee dealers. Woodpeckers One Time Tool: 45-90 Stainless Steel Triangles for Marking Angles Time For a Bigger Drill Press - Recommendations? I was immediately struck by how the vast majority of people attending the show were grey haired men.

Kids sometimes participate in the hands-on demos and learning exercises, but it’s mostly the adult men asking questions and buying things.
They had quite a few of their products at the show, including the plunge base for laminate trimming routers shown above. I’m lucky enough to have several in my area, and after talking to the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild, I think I might check out a meeting.
I have been especially interested in their products since I posted about the Moulding Sander last year. I talked about what I was looking to do with the mop and they helped me select which kit would be best.
There I talked to Laney Shaughnessy, a woodworker I have been following on Google+ and Twitter for a long time. Again, not everything had a show discount, but there was quite a bit of merchandise that did. Lee Valley had a demo setup so you could try out many of their Veritas planes, and they also had a good selection of tools on display that you could just walk up and handle. I actually went back several times, just wanting to say hi to the guys there and ask them a few questions.
I wish I would have had enough time to stay and watch some of the presentations, but there’s always next year. I’ve been somewhat skeptical about the high prices of their products ($400 for the above base), but after seeing them in person I can at least say they are very well made and probably worth the money if you are looking for that kind of precision. I passed on the Moulding Sander, but I did pick up a discounted sanding mop to try out without having to pay the high cost of shipping from Canada.

Stuart had remarked in a previous Woodworking Show post that they didn’t have any show discounts, but at this show I found that several products had special show prices. When I finally did have their ear I told them how I rally liked the Delve Square, but it would really be useful to have a 6″ one. Parents with children don’t have money for woodworking as it can be an expensive hobby and even wood is expensive. I went there with the intention of buying several things but only walked away with one item from Woodpeckers (and it was like pulling teeth to get 5 bucks off) because of the reps attitudes and lack of deals. No Milwaukee but Bosch, and Dewalt were there as well as Fein and Jet and I think Powermatic. I looked at some of the cheap stuff but I have been shying away from those things and looking at better brands as I advance in my woodworking skills.
I really didn’t see anything of note, their booth was pretty much a stack of tool cases they were selling.
I look forward to the shows every year because sometimes buying stuff online you don’t get a chance to feel it or try it out which can make or break the deal.
There were a lot of seasoned people there on Friday but I saw younger and more kids on Sunday.

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