11-2396 - Rifle Floor Rack Woodworking PlanDisplay your guns in style in this attractive and easy to make floor rack.
CLICK HERE to download the free PDF article and woodworking plan for this space-saving tool rack. DocGHines writes: If I were going to do this, I would probably use a double layer of peg board.
AndrewR73 writes: Nice idea, but I can't help but think if this was placed over a workbench that the bench would have to be cleared off before the rack(s) could swing back and forth.
Hidden treasure box – inlaid wood box with hidden compartment, This box has an inlaid wood exterior with a custom mermaid design, padded satin lining, and secret compartment in the bottom that is held closed magnetically and only. Secret compartment woodworking plans and information at, This is your woodworking search result for secret compartment woodworking plans and information at woodworkersworkshop┬«. This easy-to-make project will allow you to product a stylish multi-functional stand, ideal for outdoor use, with a removable top box that can serve as a portable plant box or grilling caddy. This three-section hardwood wine rack project was planned and fabricated using MLCS router bits and tools. This stylish and functional ladder shelf makes a great addition to any room--perfect for storing and displaying store books, knick-knacks, or smaller woodworking projects.
Inlay piece can be interchanged to create different moods, match a new decor, or add seasonal variety.
Our newest (and youngest) woodworking pro Mike has created a contemporary design Floating Night Table, using our Small and Large Pins & Tails Through Dovetail Templates.
This project makes use of our popular Fast Joint Precision Joinery System to craft a comfy and decorative bed for your favorite furry friend with a unique Dog Bone Joint design.

Use our popular new Fast Joint Precision Joinery System to craft a decorative and useful toy chest perfect for any child (or grown-up). This lovely Secret Compartment Jewelry Box is a great place to keep prized jewelry possessions.
Green woodworking and traditional woodland craft courses now on-line early Summer and Autumn 2016. If you need help selecting the best tool for a particular job, or maybe a query about which is a good crook knife to start making spoons with, just phone 0191 252 4064 or email and ask to speak to Maurice.
Get genuine advice and support from practicing green woodworkers with more than 20 years professional woodland experience. We are always trying out the latest tools and so in most cases can give genuine first-hand advice and opinions. Anyone with a small garage or basement shop has probably been confronted with this problem at some point. I used left over 2x2s, made a frame, and put a quarter inch perforated panel on both sides. Especially with some dimensions and list of bolt and screw sizes would be a great addition. Would be fine with a clean bench, but when in the middle of a project, could get to be a pain in the butt. These detailed, downloadable PDF instructions guide you step-by-step through a beautiful and useful woodworking project. This simple but lovely candy dish makes a great gift for the sweet tooth on your shopping list.

Plus, with a hidden compartment, it's a great place to safely store important valuables like passports, cash, documents, and more. We have used one on our Greenwood Courses for more than 10 years - could not do without it now. The craft of traditional green woodwork aspires to use the unique nature of freshly harvested wood to create utility items of beauty. By lighting the table through the acrylic material it provides a warm welcoming light that will bring focus to any dark corner. Follow through our detailed, step-by-step instructional online video and have a great holiday gift ready to go in about an hour! For 2 dollars a set, it saved time and money, and works just as well if not better than using nuts and bolts and fabricating.
Given the line drawings instead of photos, you have to wonder if the author has actually built one . This was originally made several years ago and had to be taken apart to remember how I originally made it.
You may wish to use a spacer between the peg boards so that the steel hooks for the peg board hangers have enough room against the opposite peg board.

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