At Warburton Woodworks, we have more than 30 yearsa€™ experience offering Sooke and Greater Victoria a large selection of quality lumber and building supplies. Locally owned and operated, we take pride in providing all of our clienta€™s quick, courteous service.
From decks to sheds, furniture, fences and more, our lumber and saw mill uses the highest quality Vancouver Island timber. Our lumber yard is open to the public and features an unbeatable selection you can come see for yourself. Caning Pegs These tapered hardwood pegs are used to secure strand cane while weaving, preventing it from shifting and allowing you to maintain the correct tension. Join cake designer Jessica Harris as she creates sleek, stylish cakes with her simple waxed-paper transfer method.

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Specializing in red cedar, yellow cedar and douglas fir, we offer the best selection of raw wood on Vancouver Island. Our dry covered storage contains a large range of stock that you can personally inspect each piece and make your selection.
For more information about pricing, to receive details about our various products or for a free estimate, call us today. For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox.

We also provide a complete range of materials for window coverings, boat building, fences, decks and more.
Trained by his father and close relatives he became a third generation faller and worked successfully in that position for 17 years. We have served a diverse clientele for a variety of projects including local architects, contractors, woodworkers and more. We offer unrivaled quality and selection of custom woodworking in Victoria, BC that is unavailable anywhere else.

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