This is the Workshop Sanders and Related Items category of information.This Do-it-yourself projects category features a collection of DIY free woodworking plans to build workshop sanders and sanding items from woodworker related web sites. Sandpaper Disk Organizer PDFBuild a sandpaper disk organizer using these free instructions.
Adjustable Sanding Jig  There are times when I need to sand a miter cut on a workpiece to get a tighter fit. Belt Sander Fence  When I used my stationary belt sander to sand the edge of a board, it was hard to keep the edge straight and square. Benchtop Edge Sander  This sander was designed to get straight and sharp edges, particularly for small pieces. Disk Sander  Build this disk sander with parts that are probably sitting around your shop gathering dust.
Disk Sander Multi-Purpose (PDF)  Having the right tool for the job certainly makes a woodworking task easier. Dowel Chamfering Jig  Create precise chamfers with this nifty disc-sander accessory jig.
Downdraft Sanding Table  This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a downdraft sanding table. Drum Sander (ZIP) - Mike Randall  Handy jig for using a drum sander at the drill press. Drum Sander Table  Improvise a low-cost drum sander using your drill press and a custom sanding table with dust collection. Mobile Sanding Station  The clouds of dust produced by my sanders make sanding my least favorite task when building a project. Benchtop Edge SanderThis sander was designed to get straight and sharp edges, particularly for small pieces. TwitterContact us if you want us to link to your free woodworking plans or if you want to advertise on this web site. Youtube Homemade Woodworking Tools Crazy homemade tools – youtube, 13 homemade jigs, table saw jigs and more. Wood Chisel How To How to use a wood chisel – the family handyman, Sharpening basics.
I am a retired nuclear engineer currently designing and building custom furniture, cabinets, bookcases, yard furniture and structures, and what ever else comes down the "pipe." Also doing some antique repair work and making a host of family gifts. Two of my shop storage ideas were included on the last page in this year's edition of America's Best Home Workshops.
The exterior of the shop is 10 inch wide custom milled red cedar siding that matches the siding on our house about 50 feet away from the shop.

The shop is heated and cooled by a heat pump with a controller that allows separate thermostats in the upper and lower floors. The dust collection system consists of an Oneida Super Gorilla Dust collection unit with self installed ducts, blast gates and flexible hoses.
I handle a lot of green, rough sawn lumber and use the carport and shop floor behind the carriage doors for initial unloading.
A central circular work area is formed with the miter bench, which is equipped with a 12" Dewalt DW 715 compound miter saw and a 10" Festool KS 120 EB Kapex - Sliding compound miter saw. The table saw is a left tilt 10" Delta Unisaw equipped with a Biesmeyer Fence, a 52 inch support table and an out-feed table. Casters are on all major pieces of equipment to facilitate changes in their placement as needed for various large projects and so vehicles can be brought into the shop for unloading and maintenance. The jointer is a Delta 8" DJ-20, and the planer is a 15" Delta DC-380 equipped with a Wixley digital height gage. The shop has two band saws; 17" General International 90-240-M1 and a Deluxe 14" Rikon 10-325. For drilling operations the shop has an old Rockwell-Delta radial drill press fitted with a shop made table that permits normal vertical drilling in horizontal positioned stock or drilling vertical mounted stock such as lamps, table legs, and pedestals.
For routing operations the shop is equipped with a shop made router table that is based on a design from Norm Abrams New Yankee Workshop. The trouble is, it can be difficult to hold the workpiece at the correct angle to the sander. You will need the SketchUp software to download this drawing and its freely available online. It is just a piece of hardboard with a few scrap pieces glued to the top to create a holding area. But I always found it annoying that I could not just set it down on the bench after turning it off. It has two stories with the first floor measuring 28 ft x 50 ft and a second floor of approx. The roof has three skylights, three copper topped dormers and is shingled with Lifetime Tri-Laminate shingles made by Certainteed which also matches the roof of our house.
These design elements were necessary to eliminate all interior walls for more open floor space on the first floor. For additional heat and emergency heat there is a wood stove installed in the lower floor which is used to supply most all of the heat during winter months.
It and the air compressor are enclosed in a small separate room in the back corner of the shop with both an interior and an exterior door.

The carport is equipped with an overhead ceiling fan to initiate the drying process, if necessary, before transferring to the shop interior. The two floors are separated by sliding bypass doors installed at the foot of the stairway which keeps most of the sawdust on the lower level.
Condensed moisture is collected in a receptacle by the compressor that is periodically drained to the outside. This arrangement allows for collected sawdust and debris from the dust control unit to be easily removed from the shop. This inexpensive design allows freshly milled lumber in the upper regions of the shop that are flat, warm and dry. Not all drawings have the measurements displayed but you can use the measurement tool in SketchUp to easily and accurately determine the dimensions of each lumber part.
On moderate days the double door arrangement permits the interior door to be closed and the back door to be open so all air and fine dust from the dust control unit can be discharged to the exterior of the shop. Consequently, I am able to air dry most 4 quarter lumber to a workable level well within one year of cutting it. Most drawings do not have instructions, its assumed you can build it based on the completed drawing provided.
I was fortunate to have found a small one-man band mill a short distance from the shop that collects many of the logs from trees that are removed from the town in which I live. Also, this arrangement gives total access to all of the ceiling for installing additional wiring, ducts, air lines, etc. So far, I have been able to get poplar, hickory, maple, walnut, cherry, elm, sweet gum, heart pine, red oak, white oak, cedar, and sycamore and have them milled to my specifications and then air-dried in my shop. I was able to put in a small bathroom on the first floor that incorporates a small shower, sink, toilet, and some cabinetry. This arrangement allows for a lot of power cables to be installed in the ceiling, up and out of the way. Lighting is predominately 8 foot fluorescent units using the new electronic ballast and T -8 bulbs which are proving to be efficient and reliable. The hoist was necessary so that I could unload heavy loads from a pickup truck which can be driven through the carriage door opening.

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