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My first woodshop was put together by going to garage sales with my dad and bringing home old woodworking machines. Uk woodworking tools for sale, Uk woodworking tools for sale inuk 10x 05mm drill bit pcb cnc dremel jewelry rotary tools gbw. Craft supplies, craft cds and tools for card making and, Welcome to crafter’s companion sara davies (nee johnson) graduated from the university of york management school with first class honours.

The wood-shop, the woodworkers online tool store, There are lots of side beads (moulding planes) on the market; two of them can be seen here. This web site is devoted to providing information and resourcesabout antique woodworking hand tools and vintage woodworking machines. After teaching furniture and cabinet making for 16 years, I now collect and restore antique hand tools and woodworking machinery. Check back often to stay up to date on the latest additions and please contribute to this information.

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