The implementation process (putting the network design into practice) is probably the most critical stage of the project, as it requires a huge commitment in terms of manpower and financial resources, and can be quite disruptive of the day to day operation of the organisation.
Note from the above list that testing is an ongoing process and occurs throughout the implementation process. Network implementation will involve numerous tasks, some of which cannot commence until other tasks have been completed (this is known as a task dependency). The implementation schedule allows project managers to monitor and control the implementation process.
The testing of network cabling, equipment, software and services will be an ongoing process throughout the implementation process.
Network security should strike a balance between providing an appropriate level of protection for the organisation's resources, and facilitating user access to those resources. Create a security-conscious culture within the organisation to raise employees' awareness of the threats that exist to network security. One way of improving security is to isolate the organisation's local area network (or networks) from public networks as far as possible by installing a firewall between the local network and external networks. If you missed the Gala, you also missed the announcement of our Branching Out Capital Campaign. As you know, we are in great need of space, and we plan to be in the new building by August.
As always, if you have any questions about the campaign, please feel free to call or email.
A 1% service fee is added to all orders to help defer the cost of offering hot lunches at Live Oak. Live Oak Classical School strives to equip students to love God with all their hearts, souls, and minds (Matt.
Live Oak Classical School is in the process of developing a comprehensive thirteen year school offering grades Jr. Encourage ecumenical environment by affirming essential of Christianity and celebrating traditions of different denominations.
Being mindful of the philosophy of relating to children as a€?giftsa€™ or a€?personsa€™ and faithful to the technique of narration.
Live Oak Classical School was chosen as the name for the first classical school in Central Texas for its multi-faceted meaning.
The crest for Live Oak Classical School is a beautifully designed wreath of leaves heralding back to the Greek and Roman sign of honor. Live Oak Classical School is a member of the Society for Classical Learning and Christian Schools International (CSI). Alison Moffatt believes that many factors in her life brought her to the point of wanting to help found Live Oak Classical School. Carolyn Still has a BS Ed from Baylor University with English and History as her subject areas, and is certified to teach grades 6-12. President - Ian McCaw isA the Director of Athletics at Baylor University where he leads an 18-sport, Big 12 intercollegiate athletics program.
The main activities that you might reasonably expect to be undertaken during implementation are listed below. It should not be left until the end of the implementation process, as problems that are not detected and dealt with as they occure will be more difficult to diagnose later, and far more costly to correct.
The implementation plan should include a description of each task, the proposed start and end dates for the task, and details of any task dependencies. It may include a work schedule for each major task that specifies details of the work to be undertaken, the personnel required to carry out the work, and a list of equipment and materials needed to complete the work.
The installation of network cabling will usually be carried out by a specialist cabling company, who will install and test the cables, and provide documentation to certify that the installation meets the required standards.
A network security strategy should therefore reduce the level of risk to a minimum without negatively impacting on the productivity of users. A copy of the organisation's security policy and procedures should be circulated to all personnel with access to the network.
This will involve the collection of statistical information on the use of network resources. The firewall can be used to implement packet filtering to restrict incoming or outgoing traffic on the basis of its source or destination network address or content type.

Users will gain the maximum benefit from new technology only if they are properly trained in its use. We are branching out, across the street, to remodel the Motor Shop for our Logic and Rhetoric students.
These are exciting times for Live Oak, as we move forward, or branch out, in the blessings God has given us. 22:37), to ask probing questions and to fearlessly explore arenas of knowledge from the conviction that all truth is ultimately God's truth.
First, appreciation for Goda€™s creation and our responsibility as stewards foundationally underlie our approach to education. On the wreath is our Latin motto a€?fides quaerens intellectum,a€? which means a€?faith seeking understanding.a€? This quote is from St.
The Trivium The Liberal Arts of Logic, Grammar, and Rhetotric Understanding the Nature and Function of Language. Moffatt graduated summa cum laude from Baylor University with a BA in English and from Texas A&M with an M Ed in Administration. Moffatt has been the Head of Live Oak Classical School for six years and entering her seventh year in this role. The main project management tool used for implementation scheduling is the Gantt chart, which provides a graphical view of each activity to be undertaken during the implementation phase, showing when each task starts and finishes, and highlighting any task dependencies.
The schedule should also provide details of any unit testing to be carried out during implementation, as well as the post-installation system checks. Major items of network equipment such as switches, routers and uninterruptible power supplies will need to be tested for correct operation and configuration after installation. Some of the security measures that can be put in place during implementation are outlined below. In addition, unused communication ports can be disabled to prevent unauthorised access to the network via these channels. Poor training will leave users struggling to utilise network services, creating a negative impact on productivity and resulting in the need for costly technical support.
That building will include an art studio, a library and an outdoor science lab to be used by all students, as well as a science lab and 10 classrooms.
If you would like a pledge card, please respond to this email and we will send one home with your student along with a campaign brochure. We draw on the classical tools of learning to prepare students to reason clearly, communicate effectively, and act responsibly in the worlda€“all for the glory of God. We currently enroll 248 students in those grades which comprise the Grammar School JK-6th, Logic School 7th -9th, and Rhetoric School -10th-11th.
Live Oak Classical School is a learning community where children are trained to know, love and practice that which is true, good and beautiful.
Therefore, the school bears the name of the indigenous Texas tree, which also signifies that a Christian classical school is a natural outgrowth of our area. Anselm of the 11th Century, who recognized the harmony and value of a relationship between faith and understanding, not the divorce of the sacred and secular that we see today. An interview and family dialogue with each prospective student will follow to ensure the compatibility of the school's educational philosophy for each child. She holds a Texas teacher's certificate for grades PreK-6 and has taught in Kindergarten, first, and second grades in public and private schools as well as high school English at Westover School, and all-girls boarding school in Connecticut. She worked as Assistant Director of Admissions at Rice University and taught leadership and student development classes at Dallas Baptist University and the University of Dallas. The report below describes the implementation tasks for the Rundoon Community College network in more detail. In the case of certain high-value items of equipment (for example, a core switch costing tens of thousands of pounds), the equipment vendor may carry out installation and testing on behalf of the client, and will provide all necessary documentation.
Internet access can be made more secure by using a proxy server to hide the internal network addresses of LAN clients. An effective training strategy will begin by determining the training requirements of individual employees, with the aim of finding out what each user needs to know in order to use the network effectively. Alison also announced that an anonymous donor has established a matching contribution fund for $500,000 which allows the impact of your gift to be doubled! We have copies available in the office, please feel free to pick one up and give to a potential donor.

A  Live Oak Classical School is accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. We want to integrate faith and learning in meaningful ways so that the spiritual and intellectual spheres are seamless.A  We want to encourage ecumenical environment where denominational traditions are appreciated. The oak treea€™s seed, an acorn, is located in the center of the wreath just as children are placed in Live Oak for their development academically, spiritually, and socially. Students of average to above average academic success are best suited to match the school's pace. Her work at Rice University as assistant director of admissions allowed her to visit schools across the nation and see first hand what made for great schools.
At Westover she also lived in the dormitory with students and served as Director of Residential Life. Alison has classically home schooled two children for five years; three of her children now attend Live Oak. He is a native of Memphis, Tennessee where he graduated from Christian Brothers High School.A  Casey attended both the University of Mississippi and Christian Brothers University.
Network connectivity and access to user data and applications can be tested by logging into the network from randomly selected workstations using a generic user account (on a large network, it may not be practical to check every single user account individually). Outgoing requests for web resources are routed via the proxy so that remote network hosts will only see the IP address that the proxy server presents to the outside world.The local network environment should also be protected by anti-virus software, which should be installed on all network computers and updated regularly. This may include the use of specific software packages, how to use network services such as email and network printing facilities, or simply how to log in to the network and access shared data. Our Board of Directors and our staff have kicked off our campaign, along with some individuals, and our pledges are currently over $150,000.
If you have a friend or business associate with whom you would like for us to speak, please let us know that as well.
Most notably, students here enjoy a curriculum that emphasizes great literature and a chronological study of history. This acorn is emblazoned with a cross on the front to symbolize that it is Christa€™s work which will produce growth. Operating system security patches should also be kept up to date, and users should be encouraged to take all reasonable precautions with regard to workstation security, changing their password regularly and not leaving a logged-on workstation unattended.While many of the security measures implemented will have been decided upon during the design stage, it is during the implementation stage that fine tuning will occur, and the security measures put in place should be tested under operational conditions to ensure there are no unforeseen vulnerabilities.
Personnel files should record each user?s level of competency and experience, together with any relevant formal training or qualifications. In the back of the acorn, one can see rays of glory splaying in all directions to represent that the work Christ has done will not be hidden within the student or the school, but will shine out to the community to show forth the glory of God. Live Oak will admit students of any race, gender, disability, national, or ethnic origin and will not discriminate in the administration of its educational policies or school administered programs.
The job description for each user role should enumerate the applications, resources and services needed in order to carry out the duties thereof.Although the implementation schedule will probably indicate a time frame in which training should occur, a more detailed training plan should be produced that specifies exactly what training is provided, how and by whom it is implemented, and when and where it will be delivered. Alison has three children who attend Live Oak and a husband, Todd, who is a general surgeon. Records should also be maintained of the software installed on each network computer, together with details of software licenses held. Responsibility for staff training should be delegated to an appropriate department or individual within the organisation, who will determine the scope of the training required, prepare training schedules, and procure the necessary training resources.Training may be conducted in house if the organisation has suitably qualified personnel.
The MAC and IP address of each device on the network should also be recorded and cross referenced to a physical location. Alternatively, or in addition to in-house training, an appropriate training organisation may be contracted to provide specialised training (this is often more cost effective than developing suitable in-house training).
The availability of detailed and accurate network documentation makes the task of managing and troubleshooting the network and carrying out routine maintenance and repairs a great deal easier.
The effectiveness of training can only be evaluated once it is put into practice, and the need for further training should not be ruled out. Support can be provided to users far more quickly and effectively if the help desk can identify the installed software, hardware configuration, network address and physical location of a user's workstation before an IT technician is despatched to investigate the problem.
There will inevitably be an ongoing need for training as new personnel are employed or staff move into different roles within the organisation.

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