Last Saturday at Art Shed Brisbane, Archibald Prize winner Wendy Sharpe demonstrated her portrait painting techniques in oils. Atlas Sheds are based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and are suppliers of pre-fabricated and packaged garden sheds, aviaries, garages, kit weekenders, farm sheds, patios, carports and awnings to all areas of Australia and can be ordered online. About UsAtlas Sheds was established in Queensland in 1990 and primarily focused on Steel Framed buildings.
Wendy agreed to the demo at Art Shed Brisbane since it coincided with her Brisbane show Conversations with Matisse, at Philip Bacon Gallery. Her brief to me was “arrange for a female model dressed with lots of colour and with  colourful accessories.
Within minutes of arriving at Art Shed Brisbane, Wendy had arranged the model (Kate from Leeton Agency) into her pose and squeezed her oil colours onto my palette.
Wendy emphasised the importance of the background since it is a vital part of the painting and although maybe not the focal point, it often tells the story or gives contrast or balance to the subject in the painting.
Next, using some turpsy lemon yellow paint, Wendy painted the corresponding cross on her canvas and proceeded to transfer the very loose, basic drawing onto the canvas still using yellow paint. Wendy worked quickly and broadly and repeated that in the early stages, her paintings remain thin and loose, allowing for easy rubbing off and correction.
Wendy had asked for black paint, but on the day, had second thoughts, decided to not use it, explaining to the audience that she doesn’t usually recommend black for students until they understand why she doesn’t recommend black!
The painting progressed like this… refining a tone or a colour here and there, not being too fiddly, working in different parts of the picture and staying loose. I feel priveliged to have spent some time with Wendy, and especially to have had the opportunity to offer a demonstration with an artist of such calibre to our community.
I look forward to more great demos at Art Shed Brisbane, some exciting upcoming workshops, and your company again soon! One of the members of our little art group attended Wendy’s demo at The Art Shed last weekend and sent the link onto the rest of us. If you need a Locksmith Brisbane Southside its simple, we operate from our base on Beaudesert road and have a fleet of service vehicles driven by our competent locksmith technicians. We were recently contracted to change the locks on a large car dealership late in the afternoon, there were several locations and some 160 locks.

As members of the Master Locksmiths Association and the Locksmiths Guild you can be sure of a high standard of work. We also have Class 1 and Class 2 security licenses and because we operate from a shop instead of a post office box or garden shed you can be sure we are here for the long haul. With 28 years of experience with locksmith and security services, we have expanded our safe servicing division to include safe moving, relocation and safe refurbishing. It was very informative and revealed much of how her materials and technique influences her style (or visa versa).
She especially recommended not jumping into paints immediately once the model is posed but rather doing a few sketches in pencil or charcoal on paper to determine the composition and especially the position of the model within the picture.
This simplified the positioning of the main portrait features… head, hands, shoulders and main background items. Later she declared the dead looking shadows that inexperienced painters sometimes get was due to them using a tube black to darken their flesh tones. Once she had achieved a loose likeness of the model, she stopped and offered a question -answer session before finishing. We specialize in emergency work be it lock openings, lock repairs or even break and enter repairs any time or the day or night anywhere on Brisbane’s Southside. We devised a plan of cation and by 9pm had provided the owners with new keys and peace of mind.
Over the last 26 years I have seen a number of locksmiths open and close and this month another closed their doors in Moorooka. I’ve collected many of the pearls of her wisdom to share with you in this article and video.
These buildings use a solid 80mm x 40mm portal steel framing system that you would typically get in a garage or larger framed building, there are 6 footprints in the range making it easy to find the size the fits your purpose and fits your yard … they really are the ultimate man cave! Patios, garages, awnings and sheds sales to New South Wales between Lismore, Coffs Harbour, Sydney, Wagga Wagga, Wooloongong & Canberra.
I’ll just frame it and keep it)  The model, Wendy and I had to cram into a small area so as to leave as much space for our many visitors. Wendy described these shadows on flesh as looking like someone had dirtied the model with charcoal.

Wendy made a point of pouring out at least a 5cm depth of odourless solvent into the container, claiming this enabled her to dip without hitting the bottome of the container and  dislodging much of the paint – keeping her solvent cleaner for longer and thus her colours more pure. Not some Basquiat kind of thing, instead, another fresh look at the patterns and balance of the work to this point.
I hope this article and video help my readers get the main thrust of and a  feeling for the event and the painting style of this much loved Australian artist. Whenever there is a need for a locksmith Brisbane Southside residents and business owners can relax knowing we know what we are doing and no job or emergency is too big or too complicated. Alas the internet is full of BOLD claims about professionalism and other bluster but our credibility is built over many years.
When you call us for an emergency job it doesn’t matter if your an existing client or a new one we will focus on getting it done efficiently and quickly. In the shadow flesh tones of our model Kate, Wendy mixed blues and cold reds (effectively purple) into the flesh colour. She immediately noticed the top of the red fire hydrant was at the same level as the bookshelf on the other side of the model.
I also make sure my gouache works are framed behind glass, and onto an archival backing – just the same as for any important drawings (for which I use acid free paper).
We have been refining our business over the last 26 years and our team of some 17 individuals work hard to deliver a quality solution to whatever problem is presented. I do recommend that beginners buy less expensive art materials  in good quantities so they can practice regularly and not concern themselves with longevity, since expensive gear tends to stifle freedom and creativity.
Since they’re oil paints, you can blend them with solvent, however I use them for the distinct texture they offer. In the event you have had your credit cards stolen we can organize an account after completion of our credit application.

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