A college student should be familiar with certificate that will be earned after they come to a seminar or workshop. A training certificate of completion should be useful if used as a part of job application.
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The strategy workshop or strategy bosberaad is the common and key component of our strategy service offerings. Depending on the type of facilitation engagement, the handout pack may also contain preprocessed client information ready for workshop use. Secondly, our strategy workshops include group exercises to populate a variety of strategic planning tools and models that provide strategic insight and better understanding of strategic issues..
This approach is useful to guide and convert the discussion and debate into meaningful terms for strategic decision-making and strategy implementation purposes.
Lastly, after the workshop, we supply the client not only with a document containing the synthesised workshop proceedings, but also make independent recommendations as to how to proceed to finalise and implement its strategy. Whilst heavily process-based in the background to ensure that the programme will be completed in time and achieve its objectives, our strategy workshops are not the dreary SWOT and mission type exercises. Instead, while taking full cognizance of where the client is and what it is facing, we focus on where to go and what to be, and most importantly, how to get there. Our strategy workshops not only translate strategy into operational terms for purposes of implementation, but also conclude with decisions, action plans, and accountabilities for execution. We do so by maintaining the integrity of strategy, whilst ensuring buy-in and ownership, and acceptability to all stakeholders amongst the workshop attendees and the client organisation. Our strategy workshops are also balanced by spreading time over and alternating between discussion, debate, process and group exercises. Our facilitators and experienced strategy experts able to guide, steer and challenge clients on their strategic issues. The first strategy workshop objective is to achieve strategic clarity in terms of the articulated and clearly understood concept of the desired future state in term of vision, core purpose, core values, mission, positioning and customer value proposition.

The second strategy workshop objective is to achieve leadership alignment and focus around the roadmap for the future in terms of agreement, common understanding and shared views. Leadership alignment also provides renewed energy, excitement, rigour, discipline, commitment and urgency to achieve strategic clarity and implement strategic plans. The vision and mission and competitive strategy is translated into strategic objectives, measures, targets and initiatives using the Balanced Scorecard. The workshop starts with the traditional SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis and issues assessment. We use PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal, environment) analysis to determine trends in industry drivers.
The present customer value proposition is analysed by ranking the importance of each value attribute to customers, as well as how well the business and its competitors score on each value attribute. The workshop determines the vision of the business in terms of an envisioned future and core ideology, with the latter consisting of the core purpose and core values. This is followed by the desired mission in terms of the business domain, described in terms of which products are supplied to which customers, what technology is employed, and in which stages of the commercial value chain the company choose to operate. Competitive strategy is described in terms of overall cost leadership and or differentiation, on a company-wide basis or focussed business unit basis. Lastly, an appropriate customer value proposition is defined based on customer value discipline of operational excellence, customer intimacy or product leadership. Gap analysis is used to either tone down on future expectations, or to upgrade decisions to overcome weaknesses.
The vision, mission, positioning and customer value proposition is translated into strategic goals per perspective - financial, customer, internal, and learning and growth. With cold facilitation, our facilitators are not expected to add value other than ensuring that discussions are focussed and that the group reaches consensus. The more background and knowledge our facilitator has about a client and its strategic situation and issues, the better workshop planning, preparation and structuring can be done in line with strategic needs.
We prefer to spend a day with a client prior to the workshop to conduct focus interviews and studying past strategic planning documentation. Alternatively, a client can furnish us with relevant strategic information beforehand, but this approach is less effective. Our facilitator’s strategy value-add is limited to interpreting what the client provides and by how much he or she knows about the client.
A facilitator assesses a client’s strategic situation beforehand by means of focus interviews and desk research.

The facilitator acts as a formal strategic advisor from a position of knowledge and insight.
Vision - stated in terms of a BHAG or Big Hairy Audacious Goal and a vivid descriptions thereof. Competitive strategy - lowest cost, product leadership, complete customer solutions or customer lock-in. Strategic objectives in financial, customer, internal, and learning and growth perspectives. See turnaround workshops for on the web site of CRS Turnaround for specialised turnaround strategy workshops. Rather than signing in as a guest, we strongly recommending registering for a Disqus profile first!
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That certificate is usually called as training certificate of completion, and it is given by seminar organizer. So basically, that certificate usually used as a bargaining point, or specifically used to show the capability of a student.
If you would like to see more of your team here on YSN, don't be shy, send us in a game recap and some photos and we will get them up here on YSN. Well, in most cases, it will be functioned as evidence that prove your capacity and capability. To create it faster, they can use training certificate template below for free as their reference. Most training certificates provide information of which said that an owner who held it has already pass the qualification and standard designed through a specific workshop. When you plan to search for new job, just make sure that you will put the certificate on your job application. Add your photos to our photo gallery, add your videos to our video gallery, or create a Virtual Sports Card for yourself or your youth athlete.

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