Taking AP Tests this May?  Click here for the schedule and click here for the FAQ sheet shared during pre-registration. If the answers is yes, all the information shared during the pre-registration is on our site here. The overview and link to the full report of how BHS is doing according to State Department of Education. You may hear your child say they practiced for the PARCC today so let us explain what that means. The PARCC ELA and MATH assessments have key features that students will need to be familiar with.

There are certain skills emphasized on the test as well as question style formats that will be new to most students. The PARCC Practice tests have been specifically designed to prepare students for these key features.
This will ensure that students experience all the types of questions they are likely to encounter on the real test and gain experience needed to complete more rigorous tasks. So over the next month students will be practicing tests in both ELA and Math to become more familiar to the tests they will be taking in May. Timeframe: Feedback for the Discipline Guide was collected on a staff survey in April, 2014.

The principal and select teachers will also attend quarterly workshops with the District Behavior Consultant, Jim Levine, to increase their knowledge of behavior intervention strategies. Selection Criteria: The Hyannis West school community is concerned with the increase in frequency and severity of behavior issues at our school over the past few years.

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