In 2016 the National Horseracing Museum is moving to Palace House, the location of the new National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art. Occupying the last remaining element of Charles II's racing palace in the town, the museum will be housed in the Trainer's House and King's Yard boxes, the gallery of British sporting art in Palace House and thoroughbred horses stabled in the Rothschild Yard and 4 acre paddock. The Office of Public Works (OPW) is to press ahead with expensive renovations at Dublin Castle — despite the economic downturn.
The State Apartments in Dublin Castle were originally constructed as living accommodation for the Lord Lieutenant.
After its restoration by the Office of Public Works, conference facilities were added so the Castle could be used by the State when Ireland hosts the presidency of the European Union. Dublin Castle has been a constantly developing architectural entity from its foundation in the 12th century up to the present day. The rear of the exterior of the State Apartments buildings has a differing treatment from the upper yard.
In the eighteenth century as the Georgian streetscape of Dublin was being developed, the castle was redeveloped also.
A fine small neo-classical building in the lower yard of Dublin Castle – of five bays with a large central carriage arch.

The offices on ship street were built in the 19th century as accommodation for Army engineers.
The quality craftsmanship and durability of Amish built homes and structures are well known. The Amish Yard company works directly with Amish families to build pole barns, pavilions and pergolas, sheds, tree houses and a wide assortment of other wood structures. The Amish Yard Specialty Buildings include everything from tiny structures on raised platforms to traditional looking homes in smaller sizes. For more information on Amish Yard, visit their website or check them out during the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show, March 4-13, 2016. The centre will include a new museum that celebrates the history and science of horseracing, a national gallery of British sporting art and thoroughbred horses. It will take a further few months to fit out the specialist exhibition displays and pack and move the objects. The Lord Lieutenants preferred the comforts of the Phoenix Park residence however and tended to live there except for Castle Season when a series of Balls and events was held for fashionable society at the castle. Much of the exterior is simply stuccoed and has been painted in bright colours by the Office of Public Works and resembles a Lego construction.

A young architect believed to be Sir Edward Lovett Pearce redesigned the upper yard using the basic design inherited from Sir William Robinson.
This posed problems for building so that the Chapel Royal to the south has a large undercroft and the range to the north is built on a terrace.
Amish Yard in Pittsburgh and Canonsburg, Pennsylvania not only creates the traditionally known barns, sheds and gazebos, but they also design and build specialty buildings in various sizes —some of which can be used for tiny houses. Their larger buildings include gambrel and a-frame cabins that can be used as guest houses, vacation homes or for full time living. Garages, barn space and various storage options can also be added into the specialty design. Each of these designs can be assembled on site or can be prebuilt and delivered to your site.

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