Here is the garden bench I built for my wife on mothers day (yeah a little late on posting this).
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TIP: Use water repellent or stain with water to help protect your pressure treated wood from splitting, checking, and warping. TIP: You may want to consider using 2x4s that have been treated for ground contact for your leg braces. Nails: manufacturer-recommended meeting ASTMA-153 or ASTM-A653, stainless steel or other fasteners and hardware as recommended by the hardware manufacturer. TIP: Use water repellent or stain with water repellent when your job is finished to help protect your pressure treated wood from splitting, checking, and warping.
The second 8' 2x4 should be cut to these two lengths: (a) one piece at 51" and (b) one piece at 42".
To build the frame for the lower shelf, take the two 4' 2x4's along with five 21" 2x4's and assemble as shown here. TIP: At the outer edges where the 21" 2x4's are doubled, you should place the screws close together.

To build the frame for the main shelf, take the two 58" 2x4's along with the last five 21" 2x4's and the 2'2" hardwood dowel and assemble as pictured. This sturdy garden bench is so simple to build you can have it completed in less than a day. Made entirely from dimensional lumber and with only simple cuts and butt joints, you can build it on Saturday and be enjoying it Sunday morning. The most complicated aspect of this bench is laying out and cutting the arms – and even that is a simple, straightforward task. Gardening work will be more enjoyable and efficient with this rugged and versatile potting bench. This project represents a fairly significant investment in time and materials, with a stainless steel bar sink, exterior-grade plywood and plumbing supplies. YellaWood® brand products offer the best protection available against rot, fungal decay and termites. Thanks to a unique treatment process, YellaWood® brand products have a lighter, more appealing color. Home improvement expert Danny Lipford explains why YellaWood® brand products are right for your next project.

If you believe in teamwork and a commitment to being the best and are interested in joining the Yella Tag Team at one of our fifteen locations, we’d love to hear from you.
With plenty of countertop space, pegboard, shelving, a drawer and large bin sized for bags of potting mix, all your potting and transplanting tools will be easily stored and ready to use. But it is simpler to build than it may appear, and the result will provide years of gardening enjoyment. Hook a hose up to the PVC faucet setup and you're ready to rinse vegetables or give young transplants a cool drink of water.
You can let the sink drain into a bucket underneath, or you can hook up a length of hose and direct it away from the bench for a makeshift drain.

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