We are a well-established company in Hong Kong with two branch offices, locating in Tai Wai and Causeway Bay. The quality of our awning and mosquito-net is beyond questioning as the raw materials are from Italy and Spain .
YODOKO is the major production plant for coated color steel in Japan, established in January 1935, capital JPY17,000,000,000 with over 2,000 employees.
Sheet Steel Division – Hot dipped galvanized sheet steel for roofing and wall panels. All YODOKO movable storage and prefabricated house use self developed high quality hot dip galvanized color steel as material backed up by a precise production process and YODOKO technology know-how.
The entire Japan most greatly produces of a main workshop steel products factories to have 4 averages each to surpass 300 ten thousand squares feet.

We from theme development of the product which there was in needs of the times, and convenience or simplification of assembling are problems of research and development more.
As the sole agent in Hong Kong , the removable cabin is the product of YODOKO Steel Company of Japan .
Our outdoor table sets, sun-umbrellas and barbeque grills are designed for durability and easy cleaning, suitably for your garden or rooftop.
Throughout the years, we provide services to consumers, private sectors as well as various government departments (including Architectural Services Department, Housing Department, Fire Services Department, etc). Pre-coated color steel sheets and strips for building material and home appliances castings. In addition, wind-resistant rain, loading, fireproof, a test such as the durability of a moving part are thorough, and it is repeated till it is released as an article.

Moreover, we provide complete training to our service technicians and continue to enhance ourselves to satisfy your needs. We provide our removable cabins to provide an excellent teaching environment to accommodate schools’ sudden need of extra teaching spacious for new subjects.

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