When you tap on the game menu (upper left button) you'll see a "Save Game" button, tap it to manually save your farm. You can access the storage menu two ways: You can either go to the tool menu and tap the storage button (brown button with a box) on the right panel. When zombies participate in an invasion, regardless if you win or lose, they will be well fed after the fight. Try to collect more of them and then tap on it in the storage menu, you might get something good. Once you have a type of mutation unlocked from the market menu, try planting a zombie next to a crop.
If both of the zombies have the same mutation, the combined zombie will have a 100% of getting that mutation.
That's just one of the many cool features we're planning for future updates so remember keep playing Zombie Farm and follow us on facebook and Twitter! If you feel your zombies are a bit unruly running about your farm, try using a Zombie Patch. Yes, we periodically will come up with updates which will include new additions to the market.
This is a wiki about the iOS game Zombie Farm 1 (And 2) created by The Playforge.Both (Zombie Farm 1&2) are free apps in the app store! Before editing please read the Guidelines and register.If you are registered, it is easier to communicate with you. I stumbled across this game over the weekend and I admit I’ve been playing it ever since. Zombie Farm is a casual little game where you tend to your farm in the countryside where you grow various vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, onions, turnips and potatoes and then take them to the market to sell for a profit.
Brains will keep your minions happy and it allows you to upgrade to bigger and better things. Zombie Farm is incredibly enjoyable, but the part that will throw you for a loop is that it’s FREE.
This game is well worth the download and not only is it a good game, the zombie aspect just adds even more fun! In the Zombie Farm game you can grow your huge army of zombies in your garden, and show them who the real zombie is. Most of the items on your farm can be rotated except for objects that you cannot move and certain items such as road intersections and balloons.

Or tap the storage building itself, and then tap the blue button that appears in it's tool tip.
Second, winning an invasion will sometimes reward you with a brain along with the gold you plunder. When you tap on it, you'll be brought to a menu where you can see a list of apps and the corresponding amount of brain fragments you receive. Don't worry about not having enough space or even a storage building, as it'll still go in there. If you combine any two zombies of the same type, you'll get a combined zombie of that type.
Tap on the zombie camera and he'll take a quick snapshot of whatever your view is on the device. Pick up your plow and choose from a rich selection of crops and corpse to plant and harvest in this quirky farming game. You can upgrade zombies, create bigger and badder mutations, buy headstones and other adornments to decorate your undead garden, as well as sell them for big money if you need to.
I have to say, the graphics are really very good, and even though I’m playing it on an iPad everything looks just fine. Cкачать Zombie Farm 2 на телефон или планшет очень просто: выберите необходимый файл и нажмите "Cкачать" после чего выберите один из способов скачивания! Third, daily surprises from having friends will sometimes reward you with a brain instead of gold.
You will notice hungry zombies will have a faster moving combat bar during an invasion, and they don't get distracted as much. You determine their fight order by tapping the zombies in the order you want them to be deployed. Fertilizing is automatically done by Garden Zombies, Zombotanists, Flower Zombies, and Zombees. For example, if you have the Onion mutation unlocked, plant your zombies right next to the onions.
Combine two zombies of different types and you'll have a 50% chance to get one or the other. You can also tap the zombie menu button (brown button with RIP) to bring up the zombie menu. After taking the picture, you'll be given the option to send it to an e-mail address or to post it on your Facebook page (internet connection required).

You don’t just grow vegetables you are a farmer with a green thumb and an ability to grow zombies.
However, If you want to move through the game faster or just thank the devs for a job well done, you can buy more brains and other improvement as an in-app purchase at any time.
Finally, you can get a brain by combining 100 brain fragments (visit the market once you earn over 100 fragments to get your brain). Then the next time you visit the market in Zombie Farm you should see your brain fragments total increase.
The pictures are better than free because zombie camera actually pays you for each picture! If you have absolutely no way to get gold back, you can always delete your save to start over through the options menu.
You plant them in your garden, tend to them, then wait for them to spring from the earth and join your zombie herd.
The developers, ThePlayForge, have put a lot of time and effort into making this new style of farming sim.
The more of these zombies you have on your farm, the better chances your crops will be fertilized. Everything works extremely well and you can waste hours tending to your garden and plotting your next invasion (which I have). Once your zombie army is built up you attack your neighbors and loot them for everything they’re worth including money, farm equipment and brains. Experience Zombie Farm 2 On Ipad, Iphone, and Ipod The Way You Should, Get Hacking Now, Download Free Zombie Farm 2 Hack 2012!
Your garden needs to be tended to and if you go to long without checking in on it your crops will wither and die on the vine. Not to mention seeing the decaying arm of a zombie slouched over in the ground is just heart wrenching.

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