1965 Geburt in Steyr, Matura am BG Steyr (1983)Bildungswegab 1983 Studien in Salzburg- 1986 Lehramt fur Hauptschulen an der PadAk (M, GW)- 1990 Mag.
ZWICKER, David Andrew “Corey” - It is with much sadness that we share the passing of David Andrew “Corey” Zwicker on January 29, 2013 in Regina, Saskatchewan. The old [SS] Louis Pasteur that we sailed on was a ship built for traveling between England and France, just across the coast. Some of the things we were put through were terrific because this, it was in the fall of the year at that time, and a lot of the training we took was in swamps and brooks, and so on like that; and usually the first guy in the water in the morning broke the ice. DVD mit Liedern, Materialien und animierten             Powerpoints fur den Einsatz im Mathematikunterricht.
I was section leader and where we were delivering food supplies, ammunition, gasoline and so on to troops. We would take a convoy of all those items and we had to drop them off at their different points so the people from that regiment could meet us and pick them up.

So we would, it was called a, oh, some sort of a drop off, I forget the term now, but what we would do is start maybe with 10 vehicles, all loaded with different materials for different companies.
We’d drop so many off at one point, a petrol point, and maybe another one off for food products, to another one and so on like that. I had a convoy going out; and I was sort of controlling it from each intersection to get it in the right place. There was planes overhead and I don’t know if the driver got distracted by the noise of the planes flying over, figuring it was enemy planes. But anyway, and I don’t even know if it was enemy planes because I would pretty well fly in it myself at the time.
I was there for a year in the hospital before I got shipped back to Canada, Halifax. The first I’d seen Nova Scotia was when they hauled me off the boat in a stretcher. I was happy and I was sort of disappointed because I went with all the intentions of going further and doing more.

I was just a little bit disappointed. Well, immediately, the war’s over, then the whole world tries to put everything back together the way it had been. It took a little adjustment because a lot of us, we were put on the parade square and we were taught that we had to command people to do things. The minute you hit civilian life, you realized that that wasn’t the way you went about it. A lot of my life after the war was sales and I know some of the conversations that I had at that time wasn’t the type of oh, sweetness that catches flies.

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