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Second layout was far more adventurous being based on a Atlas layout - it was tri level and had a fiddle yard but for some reason I could not get the inclines right and I kept having derailments so eventually I pulled it to pieces vowing that layout 3  would not have any inclines whatsoever. So layout three started with good intentions - to make the most of the room it would not have a fiddle yard but enough track that the fiddle yard would be the layout itself. This was the first layout to use DCC and I would never go back (mind you the wiring under the layout is not a pretty sight. As you can see the layout has a lot of junk sitting on it and is in need of a good tidy up - which it will get over the coming weeks following the inspiration I have been given  from the members and their layouts on this website.
I think it's a great looking layout and appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it.

A relatively un-complicated U-shaped O Gauge layout that has a great deal of interest from many people in the club and from the general public also. There are a number of N - Gauge modellers in the Club but we always welcome some fresh ideas. Portfield needed 15 locomotives to operate it successfully; elegant Bulleid pacific (4-6-2 wheel arrangement) Battle of Britain, West Country and the heavier Merchant Navy class engines, tank engines like the Drummond M7s that did such sterling work on the Ringwood, Lymington and numerous other branch lines in the south, and numerous others. Plus to make it more interesting the layout would consist of three loosely linked dioramas  1. Behind the scenes it had a five track fiddle-yard for holding trains in both up and down directions, while the paying public saw the main line station, a branch line and dock scene for shunting.

We continue to improve the layout with many more plans in the pipe line for your enjoyment. It is the preferred method of showing photographs on here, I say preferred because you can have your pictures hosted wherever you like.

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