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We’re obviously biased on this one, but Seattle has a strong legacy of self-promotion. Sometimes it seems like Seattle has to invent or pioneer everything, but maybe that’s just because its a magnet for talented, forward-thinking people.
Estately is a national online real estate search site whose articles have been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, NBC News, Philadelphia Magazine, GeekWire, The Denver Post, and more.
The King of Beers may be the brand most synonymous with America internationally, but the United States of America is 50 states strong, and each individual state deserves to be paired with a beer that best represents it. It's no secret Boston-area home prices are among the highest in the country, but Estately wanted to show how those prices vary depending on which transit stop a home is near. Mother's Day is nearly upon us so Estately set out to see how Americans differ when it comes to Google searches related to Mother's Day, motherhood, celebrity moms, fictional moms, and all things mom-related.
Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions a person will make, but that's because it's the most money a person will spend on one thing in their lifetime. The general rule of homeownership is you shouldn't spend more than 28% of your income on housing.
Once a necessary amenity for any home, the outhouse has been cast off by most, but not all, homeowners. It's no secret Bay Area home prices are among the highest in the country, but Estately wanted to show how those prices vary depending on which BART or Caltrain stop a home is near. Palo Alto is home to a couple of small tech companies you may have heard of - Facebook, Google and Hewlett Packard just to name a few.

We're not suggesting Donald Trump has tiny hands, but only because he will sue anyone who suggests that. Both Knute Berger of Crosscut and John Cook of GeekWire declared Seattle needs a more modern nickname better reflecting the city’s true identity. And in this city you can’t walk two blocks without bumping into some real estate search company. To do this, Estately analyzed the last six months of home sales within a half-mile radius of each Boston-area transit stops. Home buyers in Hawaii, where the median home value is $504,500, will spend considerably more than those in West Virginia, where the median home value is $100,200.
While that number is somewhat arbitrary, it certainly doesn't match what many Washington state residents are paying during a time of skyrocketing home prices. Some homes have no shame in advertising their outdoor bathrooms so Estately searched thousands of real estate listings to find some of the best. To do this, Estately Real Estate Search analyzed the last six months of home sales for houses, townhouses, and condos that were within a one-mile radius of each BART and Caltrain transit stop.
If you want to work a tech company and want to live near where you work, Palo Alto is a good place to be.
And we're not saying he doesn't have tiny hands made up of little cocktail wiener fingers, or that shaking his hand feels like shaking the hand of baby. If so, that flies in the face of Seattle-based Knucklemart, which sells custom nicknames for $30 a pop.

Estately is headquartered in Pioneer Square, and then there’s all those other ones whose names must not be mentioned.
With its popularity growing, and more states leaning toward legalizing it, Estately set out to map which states are the best places for marijuana enthusiasts to live and buy a home. Others went with nicknames that we’ve probably never heard of (Seriously, who has ever called Norris Cole “Cole Train?” And knowing Dwyane Wade’s penchant for inventing nicknames for himself, who knows what he’ll go by?). Two players, however, were pretty ingenious with their nicknames…Andrei Kirilenko’s jersey will probably be a hot seller in his native country of Russia because it has his last name printed in Russian. And seriously, how could you not at least be tempted to purchase an actual Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey?So, the game will be interesting to watch just to see all of the weird names on the back, and also to see who actually abstained from participating. Either way, it’s full of intrigue.Although this may seem as if it’s some newfangled fad that those crazy hoop kids have hopped onto, this is nothing new to the NBA.
In fact, it could be considered as a throwback to the funky old days of the league back in the 70s.
As always, let us know exactly how you feel about this in the comments section, where you may or may not be given a nickname upon posting.

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