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MTBR got an exclusive first look at the brand new Scott Scale 700 Series 27.5-inch hardtail. The more affordable Scale 740 features a 6061 custom butted alloy frame with many of the same advanced technologies of the flagship 710. The 710 is equipped with a mix of Shimano XT drivetrain and braking, Syncros components and a 15mm through-axle Fox 32 Float 27.5 Factory CTD Air fork with 100mm travel.
According to Scott PR man Adrian Montgomery, the overall weight of a 29-inch wheel is 11 percent heavier than a 26-inch wheel, a sensation that can clearly be felt when repeated accelerations are required, especially in XC racing. Of course, riding is believing, so we took to the trail on both the aluminum and carbon fiber Scale 700 Series bikes to see how they performed on the Sea Otter cross-country course. About the author: Kurt Gensheimer Kurt Gensheimer thinks the bicycle is man’s most perfect invention. Round-up: Best new lightweight knee and elbow pads Does adding glitter to tire sealant really work? What I am looking for, before I decide to take the 15mm plunge, is whether there are decent 'spaceships' for that scale.Let me explain first what I mean. Long ago, when I was first doing 15mm SF (Traveller etc) for a hobby rather than a business (!), I built a very acceptable Traveller Scoutship from the main hull of the original Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer plastic kit (AMT or ERTL??) – the one that is about 12-15" long.
I've got a couple of the old Galoob Star Wars Action Fleet Imperial Shuttles that are perfect as small (platoon or less) landers for 15mm:linkThey show up on eBay all of the time. My 1st question is how big?The next a static exterior or a model that one can open up?These are the two questions I have been hitting on.
It's been mentioned in a couple other threads: the Terminator Salvation aerial Hunter-Killer (on clearance at Toys R Us for $15) is a first-rate dropship. Cobblestone road – crossroad section, 15mm 1:100 scale Sign in Contact us Search Cart 0 Product Products (empty) No products Free shipping!
Trials of Morkai: Making every model pass the trials and prove themselves before becoming a Space Wolf. Any idea on when the smaller Leviathan will start getting the weapon options of the bigger version? Yeah, we flew our space church across 500 light years to get to this planet taken over by the orks.
There still definitely is not a picture with the small leviathan and the DK next to each other. If you wanted to use the leviathan as a stand in it looks like that would be reasonable, though personally I've never understood all the DK hate. I have seen the 15mm leviathan next to an imperial knight and it is just a fraction shorter. The problem you might find if you use the 15mm leviathan is that it only has the raid fire cannon and sword, they dont currently do the other weapon options for the 15mm as far as i am aware.
Essex and Magister Militum (Old Chariot Miniatures), Gladiator, Old Glory, Lancashire games to name the main ones.

Sharing the same winning design that carried Nino Schurter to a silver medal in the 2012 London Olympics, the Scale 700 Series is designed to combine the fast, nimble handling of a 26-inch XC race bike with the smooth, stable cornering and improved roll-over of a 29-inch XC race rig. The HMX carbon fiber frame of the Scale 710 weighs in at a scant 945 grams and features a host of advanced technologies including IDS-SL through axle dropouts using a 142x12mm rear axle (adaptable to 135x12mm and 135x10mm quick releases), molded oversize press-fit BB92 bottom bracket for maximum lateral stiffness, a direct mount front derailleur for easy set up, a three-position RideLoc switch for the Fox 32 Float Evolution CTD Fork, a tapered head tube and SDS (shock damping system) rear seatstays for enhanced vertical compliance, smoothing out even the choppiest trails. By comparison, a 27.5-inch wheel is only five percent heavier, making the Scale 700 Series strike a perfect balance of quick acceleration, improved roll-over on rocks and other obstacles, a larger contact patch for better traction and sustained momentum.
We were joined on the trail by crankbrothers Race Club riders Chloe Woodruff and Judy Freeman, both on their brand new Scott Scale 710 team bikes that they will be racing here at Sea Otter and at the Whiskey Off-Road. We float on a cushion of air in the tire so at a given pressure we displace a given amount of air. That is true in a perfect world, but misses all of the real-world effects of what is going on. Take the same tire on the same rim at the same pressure with the same weight being applied on the same surface and the contact patch is the same size, but it is a different shape. Each sprue includes parts for IS-1, IS-85 and IS-2 and a Tank Commander for each tank.
Opinions expressed here are solely those of the posters, and have not been cleared with nor are they endorsed by The Miniatures Page. As you've already discovered, most purpose built models are likely going to cost a good amount of money.
I'm going to use one for my Rebel Greys, but no reason it couldn't be re-purposed.linkPegasus Appollo 27. Maybe work as a (very) small lander or unmanned vessel like an X-34.Lifting body designs like the X-33 are very easy to scratchbuild. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.
I was just wondering how they compared size wise, but I haven't had any luck finding a size comparison online.
The dreadknight is pretty small, the knight titan is still small in comparison to the leviathan.
Not sure if there is a dreadknight and leviathan next to each other, but they have the shorter leviathan and a lot of GW models side by side.
Now we're going to drop from orbit in buckets and run out and shoot pistols and hit people in the head with chainsaws.
From the pics of each of them with the big leviathan you can extrapolate that they are about the same size, with the leviathan maybe a little taller and much chunkier.
The text you quoted has me saying the exact same thing you just said, so you're not really giving me new information here.
The contact patch on a larger diameter tire will be longer but narrower at a given psi and load.
Journalists and other bike people keep saying the tire is larger around and has a bigger contact patch but that is just plain wrong.

Look for things that could be modified with plastic card or the like to suit your tastes (most large G.I. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. What I see is the bigger Leviathan Crusader next to a Dreadknight, and then the next picture has the big and small Leviathan Crusaders together, but not the small Leviathan Crusader with the Dreadknight. It's easier to get a size comparison if the two models were next to each other, though, rather than trying to get scale by seeing them compared to a third model (Not to mention that the small Leviathan is further forward than the larger one, so that doesn't help). So, selfishly, I am trying to compile a complete list of everyone who makes 15mm hittites and unabashedly using TMP and its members as a resourse. The increased traction we feel on a bigger wheel is I think (I could be wrong) due to the better rolling tires resisting forward motion less and because we tend to measure the need for better traction when we’re in our lowest gear on the steepest sections of trail. It does not matter what the shape or size of a boat hull is, for a given weight placed in the boat including boat weight the same amount of water is displaced. Casing stiffness and uneven surface of the tire (like knobbs) in addition to other factors have a large effect.
I hate it when some manufacturer spouts false claims that seem reasonable but in fact are not fact. A bit of digging and I found a post stating the DK was about 10CM, which is approx 4 inches.
Since we tend to use the same gearing as 26 wheels, we are in a bigger gear when attacking those steep sections so we are less likely to over power and spin out. I get that what is being argued would be true in an ideal situation, but that isn’t the real world.
GW's Tau Devilfish APC's would work for a Riddick type bounty hunter ship (if you like the look). If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. I understand someone takes 9th grade science and thinks they understand exactly how a tire works but that is false.
VAT) Add to basketLimetron 1″ limescale preventer , max flow 85lpm , 10 year warranty . We believe the paved road sections are truly basic stuff for any game, therefore we create a system of detailed and realistic set. Made from flexible resin and fully painted, this modular system helps create a wide range of scenarios and landscape.The material is bendable, here a Warlord IS2 on a piece of street.

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