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Speaking of model trains, here’s a lovely set of five vintage photographs which show off a vintage model railroad collection.
Kudo's to Richard Hendrickson for doing the research and putting all this together in one neat little package!
This article seemed to cover everything it stated it was going to, and covered it well.  Will there be a follow-up article on passenger trucks?
Well done to both Richard for the research and writing and MRH for making it available to all of us! After covering trucks, somebody out there should cover brake wheels and brake systems with a similarly comprehensive article! I agree with the poster above who suggested this article be saved in a reference section on the MRH site.
A very informative article, espically for newbies like myself who didn't realise there were so many different types of trucks. Serving the Mid-Atlantic in N scale with the Bolero, Lindy & Tango RR (1925) and the Cha-Cha Chesapeake Industrial RR (1946). Kudos to Richard for a great article on the wide variety, and history of freight car trucks.
But Timken's basic tapered roller bearing patents have long expired in this field, and today all freight car roller bearings use a set of opposing tapered roller bearings at each end of the axle, and the pairs are prepackaged in a modular unit that press fits onto the axle, and then slots in the truck side frames are lowered over the bearings outer structure to pin it in place.
The steam locomotive's starting challenge is because when a plain bearing first starts rotating, the axle and journal bearing are literally in direct contact - sliding past each other. This helps explain why modern videos of restored steam engines are so easily able to start modern, roller bearing equipped freight trains. But for a steam era modeler, it is important to note that a steam locomotive would not start a steam era train by crawling at 1 mph, so I no longer am concerned about making sure model locomotives can meet this very exacting requirement under load (those modeling modern steam excursions may want the low speed crawl, since now it could be prototypical). This is spot on - the owning RR received little economic benefit except for cars in captive service, and the private car owners had no incentive to invest in the much more expensive roller bearings. Instead, it was the difference in hot box setout and accident rates that drove the major railroads to force an interchange requirement for roller bearings in the 1980s. Back to hot box failures - in 1978 the AAR reported that 40% of the fleet was still plain bearing equipped, but accounted for 89% of the hotbox failures.
For those who include hot box failure events in ops sessions - in 1951 hot box setouts were running one every 175,000 car miles.

Here is the MTH 20-3035-1 Chesapeake & Ohio 4-8-4 Greenbrier Steam Locomotive and Tender from 1999.
All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout.
It's full steam ahead at the 22nd annual Model Train Show this weekend, as eye-catching and interactive exhibits go on display in Mount Maunganui. Run by the Tauranga Model Train Show, the event is aimed to be a fun and educational attraction for train enthusiasts of all ages. Club publicist Peter Dibble says local exhibits to look out for include a static display of LNER steam locomotives and trains from the 1900-1960 eras, a Thomas the Tank Engine display, an English layout depicting a small town station, and a children's drive-a-train for hands-on fun. Visiting exhibits offer some out-of-town fun, with a layout of scenic Australian mountains with working features, the Matamata Model Railway Club's updated English town and country display, a ride-on train for children, and more.
Other events happening around the city today include tennis at Mount Main Beach, the Bridge to Bridge swim in Tauranga Harbour at 2pm and a breakdancing event at Mount Drury from 1pm.
Saturday at Omokoroa Settlers Hall, Omokoroa Rd 9.30am & Tuesday at Bethlehem Primary School Hall, Carmichael Rd 6pm. Remote control yacht racing every Sat 11am - 4pm & every Weds 1-4pm at Scoria Close, the Lakes.
Summer Holiday Hop at Senior Citizen's Hall, 14 Norris St, Tauranga (behind Pak n Save) 6-10pm.
Last month we had a division meet and were fortunate enough to have Richard present this material in person! It's a pleasure to read something so thoroughly researched and illustrated, and the writing is clear and concise.
Many others patented various forms of roller bearings for the railroads, and Timken had several significant competitors.
This friction is huge - 10 to 20 times the minimum bearing friction that occurred between 10 and 20 mph. New cars were required to have roller bearings starting in 1968, but cars could last forty years, so the transition was slow - for a modeler the key is to check the build date of the car, and use the proper truck. The other 60% of the fleet was roller bearing equipped, but accounted for only 11% of the hot box failures. I have looked in a quite a few different places and have been unable to find them anywhere.

An end to the limited-production and other crap that makes models harder to get and more expensive. Readers should be aware of both sides of this debate, since there are implications for some modelers. A Friction bearing is a bearing where the two surfaces slide past each other - either in direct contact, or with a lubricant between them that avoids direct surface to surface contact. As the axle rotates and draws oil into the bearing gap, a film of oil would be established, eventually lifting the bearing block off the axle after several axle revolutions.
From a historical perspective, today's wheel bearings are a relatively small contributor to the overall train resistance. Although mileage per car type was not reported, if each fleet averaged about the same miles per car, then plain bearings were over 12 times more likely to suffer from a hot box failure - even after all of the attempts to improve plain journal bearing lubricator pads and seals.
Hopefully in a future article, someone will be able to fill in pre-1900, as the kind of logging railroad I'm modeling would have often used obsolete equipment.
As paired tapered rollers, these bearings not only transmit the weight of the car from the truck journal to the axle, but they also transmit lateral forces when in curves. An anti-friction bearing involves only rolling contact - essentially internal wheels that roll between the two surfaces. I have not found data that indicates if house cars (RR owned) dominated the early application of roller bearings compared to privately owned freight cars, but it makes sense that it would. Other bearing vendors had alternative designs for countering the thrust loads (to include friction bearings or additional roller or ball bearings), but none were as efficient and as reliable as Timken's design.
Lots of banging and noise when starting a train like this, plus impact loads on each car's cargo that railroads sometimes had to pay for.
But because the steam locomotive was now only trying to start one car at a time, the initial starting friction was only for a few cars - the other moving cars would be moving at 2-3 mph, and had established oil films in their journals that had significantly lower friction.
If the engine could not get the entire train up to that pace, the train would stall - and typically slack would be taken again (The process helped warm the bearing oil, which made it easier to draw into the bearing gap - especially in cold winter weather. Once the train was moving, plain journal bearing friction would actually drop as the speed approached 5-10 mph, giving the engineer a chance to readily increase speed in that regime (assuming flat, tangent track).

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