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It's not about an army of ducks showing up at each of your meetings and covering your speech. No, you can't just single out a problem and talk about more restrictions while ignoring the rest of the dangers of every day life.
It does when that one thing is designed specifically to cause death and injury, whereas cars, steak knives, et al. The honest manufacturers have reported that this closure will not change the availability of lead for their product.
While we're at it, let's do more background checks on people wanting a driver's license and people wanting to buy steak knives.
Hell, while we're at it, let's do more background checks on people wanting to consume alcohol and get pain-killer prescriptions. Former Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is negotiating a settlement with a former campaign aide from Johnston over a stolen email list.
Bachmann met with lawyers for Barb Heki in Des Moines on Monday according to the Minnesota Star Tribune.

Last week, staffer, Chris Dorr said he accidentally accessed that list from the group, NICHE, not Sorenson. Sorenson is also accused of taking nearly $50,000 from a Bachmann donor’s firm as he worked as Bachmann’s state co-chairman, possibly violating senate ethics rules.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying for political reasons or for a profit when people start stockpiling ammo for no reason.
Thanks for sharing the whole story instead of a twisted version used to drum up Fox News talking points. Last summer Heki filed a suit claiming Sorenson stole the email list of contacts for a Christian home school group from her personal computer. However, Bachmann adviser Eric Woolson said Sorenson admitted taking the email list from Heki in a sworn affidavit, though Sorenson has publicly denied taking it.
You have to prove that you can handle one responsibly and safely in order to legally be allowed to drive one. If you weren't selective in what areas to improve people's lives and how, nothing would ever get done.

Here, the closing of a primary smelter of lead ore is claimed to be an underhanded attempt to reduce the amount of lead available for bullets. While, according to this source, 3% of the output does go to bullets, ammunition manufacturers rarely use freshly processed ore, but instead use recycled lead.
I'm just saying that there are other countries where owning a gun is legal, but it's not as easy to get (and they all have much less gun violence deaths per capita than America). Obama has undoubtedly made some major mistakes in his presidency and has legitimate issues he can and should be criticized for.
In fact, there is a lead recycling plant 90 miles from the one being closed that's owned by the same company! That way, people who have a proper use for it, like hunting, get all their ducks in a row but buddy who might want to get his hands on one when he's having a rage day can't.

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