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While viewing any Flickr photos page, click on the bookmarklet to open the same view on Flickriver. This next layout diagram is for a 4-lane 1:32 scale track built using Scalextric Sport plastic track.
The third and final layout diagram is for a 4-lane 1:24 scale track built using Carrera Exclusiv plastic track. The cost of your raceway and your collection of cars also increases as you move up in scales.
If you are looking to avoid having to build everything on your own, I would take a serious look at HOn30. If you like trains of all shapes and sizes and in particular like modeling in HO scale, then this is the museum for you.
Once added to your personalized homepage, just edit widget settings to select your desired view.
I built a railroad town on a 4x6 foot 2" foam board from vintage railroad parts and cars and town. I have over $10,000.00 invest but will sell for $2500.00 for all , or I will seperate , pick what you want!

As the layout diagrams above show, a challenging HO track can be assembled for under $350, while the same raceway constructed using Scalextric sport track will cost nearly two and a half times as much at just over $1000.
The car on the left is a 1:24 scale slot car intended for use on a Carrera Exclusiv raceway. But here again prices rise quickly as the scale of the cars increase.All slot car track regardless of the scale is 2-lane track, wider 4-, 6- and 8-lane tracks are created by simply placing 2-lane track sections next to one another. Here again these are 2-lane sets and cost between $149 and $399 depending upon the amount of track included in the set. Keep in mind that an 8x16 foot 1:32 scale raceway with enough space to walk around all sides of the table to re-slot cars will require a room at least 14 x 22 feet in size though.
These locomotives are in limited supply, when compared to standard gage but are avaialble. If you do not want North America, 2 foot gage was used in Wales in the slate and coal mining industry. I visited it this past July 29th, 2012 (my 42nd birthday) and I greatly enjoyed my experience. It really boils down to how much space and money you have available to devote to your raceway and car collection.The first issue is one of space.
And if you also want room to work on cars and display your collection you'll have to increase the room size accordingly.If space is an issue, your budget is somewhat limited, or you have young racers, then you may find HO slot car racing to be your best option.
While a challenging HO slot car track can be built in as little as 4x8 feet of space a 1:32 scale track will require at least twice that, or an 8x16 foot table to build the same 4x8 foot HO raceway. Here we see that the same track configuration that in HO required a 4x8 foot table, now requires a table twice as large at 8x16 feet.
It provides enough track to build any number of 4-lane race tracks with lap lengths of just over 25 feet.

The founder of this museum sold his home 20 years ago, purchased a historic NYC 1905 (301 ft. A 4x8 foot raceway with room to marshal cars from all sides of the table will require an area at least 10 x 14 feet in size. You can also place one of the 4 foot sides of the table against a wall and still be able to marshal an HO raceway.
He and his family spent the next ~10 years restoring the building, trough many trials, tribulations and the loss of a close family member, making a space in it livable for themselves while making the rest operational as a museum. This reduces the room needed to about 10 x 11 feet, or the size of an average second bedroom.If you have a truly large area available that you can devote to a dedicated slot car track then you may want to consider the Carrera Exclusiv track system.
The last ten years have been spent building the layout and filling the museum walls with historic RR items and various vintage scale & toy trains. The layout is still under construction however the areas that are complete have been very nicely and painstakingly done. Mirrors, wings and other small body parts are the first thing to break off when a car crashes. I've used a 4x8 foot HO raceway for these comparisons, but if you have more room and still want to race HO then try a larger 5x12 or 6 x 16 foot table. The larger size of 1:32 scale track also requires a table that is much deeper than the average HO table.
A 4x8 HO raceway just like the one discussed here, a 2-lane Scalextric Sport track on a 6x16 foot table shown below, and a Carrera track that is set up Outdoors in my backyard.

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