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When I moved to New York City from Southern California, nothing deterred me from spending summers gradually wearing the flimsy soles of my favorite flip-flops down to the width of a Metrocard a€” not even ending each day by scrubbing the blackened soles of my feet in my Brooklyn bathtub.
Then, on a humid Chinatown morning, I abruptly realized just how close my naked feet were to the trash-strewn New York City sidewalks. I found that I was so homesick for the comfort of familiar Californian tastes that anything from the Times Square Chevy's to the bizarre Mexican-food-Chinese-food-hybrid storefronts in the Bronx satisfied that craving.
And once I discovered the various Mexican-American enclaves throughout the city, any remaining snobbishness toward east coast Mexican food melted away. The breakthrough for me came when I found myself yelling over the heads of dozens of bus passengers to ask the driver to release the doors.
In New York City, I took a job carting my fellow undergrads from the Bronx to Manhattan in a purple 15-passenger van.
Finally situated in my very own New York City apartment, my fantasies of self-sufficiency centered largely around grocery shopping. Reality hit on the six-block walk home as the heavy bag handles chaffed and my biceps screamed. In New York, however, wiggle room is at a premium, and apartments require a creative use of space.

I arrived from California with very thin skin, but survival in New York requires a newbie to toughen up. You must be able to complain about the forecast a€” the over-the-top media hype, the transportation problems, the onslaught of snow a€” but you must be careful to temper those complaints, as there is always someone ready to point out their more miserable commute. Whether they truly are absorbed in their phones or aware of every movement around them, New Yorkers have a remarkable ability to shut out the commotion and retreat into their own worlds, especially on a crowded train. After moving from California, I gradually relinquished the habit of making eye contact and smiling at strangers, instead adopting the kind of practiced obliviousness that actually puts people at ease in close quarters.
More so than learning to maneuver through service changes on the subways or the grid of city streets with aplomb, speaking up marked my coming of age as a New Yorker. Though parallel parking in Midtown was daunting, I gradually learned not only to ease the hefty van into the smallest of spots, but I became an unabashed double-parker as well. The view from the plane shows my hometown sprawling like a spilled beverage forming an ever-expanding puddle a€” much like my bedroom, where as long as there was visible floor, my belongings consumed more and more real estate.
A lot of people reside in New York City, and sometimes it seems as if everyone in the city is simultaneously having a bad day. In New York there are weatherA eventsA with loony names: snorricanes, snowpocalypses, and superstorms.

In fact, the more awkward the situation a€” from subway toenail clippers to people flinging spaghetti at one another a€” the less a seasoned New Yorker will notice. I no longer got a workout worthy of a bodybuilder, but this broken habit was both economically and environmentally beneficial. Clutter is chaos, and the whole ecosystem of the home falls apart if you don't put everything in its proper place.
Whether it's too hot or too cold, people are talking about it, and new arrivals have to pick up the art of weather small talk. I still get a twinge when I receive an eyeroll or someone shoves past me, but life sweeps by quickly in New York, and there is no time to dwell on hurt feelings.

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