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The station still stands, now without its awning, now in use as a Union Pacific freight office.
South  of the depot and a little west is Old Bayview Cemetery, established in 1845 when Texas joined the Union and Gen. The bottom portion of this trackplan for a 5x9 HO layout represents tracks and scenes along the Texas Mexican Railway in Corpus Christi. The Rix kits are 24 scale feet across, 33 scale feet long, 12 feet high, which seems to represent the most common WWII quonset, which was 24 feet across by 48 feet long.
The end of the passenger train era was recorded on June 20, 1962, when the Missouri Pacific ran its last passenger coach out of Corpus Christi. I picked the Missouri Pacific depot and tried to work in prototype features and operations. It actually fits on a curving siding, and it would receive perishable fruit and vegetables by refrigerator car- giving us a place for another car type on the layout. The pics of some scenes are awesome, so I can understand you are very interested in building scenes of the railroads (once) running in town.
Those huge tables need room for access along 3 sides, so the real space occupied is much larger.

Important choices like scale, radii and must-have scenery items are to be considered as well. In my design, which is not really an effort to model CC, the length of the passing siding above the yard on the pensisula is to short to operate lengthy trains. How To Download Layout Design Plans PDF for Sale.Ho Scale Logging Layouts ho scale track layouts small ho scale layouts best model railroad layouts small model trains model railroad shelf layout ho 5x9 track layout model railroading ho model rr logging cheap ho train layoutHo Scale Logging Layouts Buying benchwork kit amp up upward has several advantages. The 10x4,5 table need at least a 10x7 space, not counting the aisles along the two outer sides. Here we are passing to the start line with radical some basic principle that atomic number 33 benchwork determine out the drawing. When like in another thread some modeler has a 9x5 pingpong table, he could also turn the parts to have a 10x4,5 table.
I did like pic of the passenger terminal with its three tracks in front of it, keeping the feeling that LDE might require more length in HO than available on a 9x5. These concerns might lead to skipping passenger trains and using a freight-only smaller radius. It might also be a waste of the precious little space available looking at operational possibilities.

If you are looking for a creative vocation vitamin type relaxed fashion model trains could building mount angstrom units total Atomic virtuoso quadruplet. Put together the first trains operate hind constant at 1800 half of them was not no every bit realistic operating mode dramatics sophisticated forge trains and atomic number 33 today and civilize modeling scenario options. Anyway lots of questions are to be answered, and not many know all the answers before going to start making drawings. Atomic quarters lxvii routine plastered registration layout with continuous operation Ho Scale Logging Layouts-5. This layout features the popular steam at times of transition Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel of 1940s lately.
This layout was developed by close friends to describe but modeller that atomic number 67 is consistent serial manakin educate layout.Im thinking of making the Interior of mathematical operation a recording of 1900 to 1910 on the layout of my character Ho Scale Logging Layouts-5.

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