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When you are looking to move a large group of friends, your family or team-mates around, then a seven-seater car is just what you need.
While the styling may not be of European manufacturers' quality, the interiors, the ergonomic thought that goes into Mitsubishi 7 seaters and the reliability of the Japanese car manufacturer can sway your vote.
The Grandis may not be the prettiest and looks like another stretched estate car, but the Grandis is a highly versatile seven-seater car. Previously called the Shogun or Challenger, the new Outlander is a rugged off-roader first and a family seven-seater second. The list price for the Mitsubishi Outlander is between A?20-28,000 although that buys you an awful lot of car for your money. Although the Mitsubishi Outlander has seven seats, due to the way it's designed those rearmost seats are only really good for children. One of the best reasons to buy an Outlander is the wealth of standard equipment and the array of options on offer. The smart looks of the Outlander smash the competition, apart from maybe Audi's Q5 or Q7, but when you're looking for something a little different with seven seats, the Outlander is a great choice.
This Off-Roader is an institution within the 4x4 car market and has long been one of the best available models for those who like to take their cars off road. It has achieved this standing thanks to its tradition of being sturdily built, powerful and having all the necessary equipment to go off road built in to the standard trim. A brand new one used to cost between A?26,554 and A?38,054 while second hand prices vary between A?1,000 and A?20,000 for a 2008 model. As you would expect from a car which is designed to be taken off road, this car puts more of an emphasis on power and performance rather than economy. The fuel efficiency varies across the range of models, with the most efficient giving a combined 35mpg and the least efficient a lowly 26mpg.

The Mitsubishi Shogun comes with a generous standard trim which includes ABS, airbags, traction control, power steering, roof rails, a full sized spare wheel and electric mirrors.
It seems a bit outdated now because of the way the market has shifted but for those that like their four-wheel drives on the rough side, the Shogun still has it. Launched in 1982, the Mitsubishi Shogun (or the Pajero as it was known outside of the UK) really did look like a jeep and it couldna€™t fit in anywhere near seven people.
The Mitsubishi Shogun is placed into insurance groups 13 to 16 depending on the exact model. Although he Mitsubishi Shogun does have some small issues, such as it's less than spectacular handling on roads and loud engine, there are few 7-seater cars around today with the same deserved reputation as an all terrain vehicle that the Shogun has.
They can minimise the need to buy two cars and have plenty of room to carry lots of equipment and luggage. There are two vehicles that Mitsubishi have that are dedicated to carrying seven people: the Grandis and the Outlander.
The dashboard layout is easy to find switches while you're on the move, the seating arrangement, head- and leg-room are exceptional and if you don't use it to carry seven people around, the Grandis clever rear seats fold flat into the floor to make a huge boot space. That doesn't mean it's no good on the road, but point it at the rough stuff, and you'll see why. Again, it's available with the deeply impressive 2.0 D-ID diesel engine that still manages to return around 40mpg, despite being larger and heavier than the Grandis, and has similar road tax prices.
It's best to think of the Outlander as a 5+2 seater, rather than an out-and-out seven-seater. There is ABS, driver and passenger airbags, electric windows and mirrors, Isofix child safety seat points, and even a DVD player. As a rule of thumb across the different cars in the Mitsubishi Shogun range, those with a manual transmission over an automatic one are much more efficient in terms of emissions and fuel economy.

On top of the line models, features such as a DVD player, leather trim, parking sensors, Sat Nav and electric seats are available.
However, with its short wheelbase and strange normal, its car-like interior didna€™t really take off. There are many manufacturers out there that are designing and building vehicles just for this purpose and Mitsubishi is one of the best values for money out there. The ride is smooth, thanks to the softer off-road suspension and it would be no chore going on a long-distance drive in one. The more economical models, such as the 197bhp Equippe range, are placed into Band K for emissions. What it did offer was a host of features never before seen on a Japanese four-wheel drive vehicle, such as front double-wishbone suspension and a turbocharged diesel engine. Although this vehicle was undoubtedly a pre-cursor to the SUV crossover 7-seaters we know and love today, it wasna€™t quite family-orientated and macho enough for real four-wheel drive drivers. Windows - front, automatic climate control, parking sensors, ABS, all-wheel drive, particulate filters, Non smoking, front, side and more air bags, cup holders, Multi function steering wheel, center armrest - front, cargo cover, leather steering wheel, tow bar, El. If you are looking for a compact SUV that has 7 seats with the option to have the 2 rear seats flat then these are ideal. Good height off the ground making it easy to get in and out of, along with good ground clearance for those off road journeys.
As part of our service, we can offer all of our customers:* No on road costs at all (excludes new SsangYong), all vehicles sold with new WOF and current Rego.

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