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We buy, sell and personally locate classic American cars from the 20s, 30s,40s, 50s (especially the 50s!), 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. Since the late 70s, Dream Cars have been locating rare American classics for clients all over the world. Stewart, Milton and the Dream Cars team have the combined knowledge of over80 years dealing with classic American cars. We have a large selection of American vehicles of all makes and eras available for purchase.Are you searching for something ultra special? Since the late 1970s, brothers Stewart and Milton have been specialists in importing and restoring cars from the rust-free States of America.
Here at Dream Cars we’ve been importing and restoring American cars for over 30 years. With a combined knowledge of over 80 years working on classic American cars, whether you need a brake rebuild, an engine or transmission overhaul, new shocks, metal work or chrome, we can undertake the task AND supply the correct parts a€“ don’t be fooled by people that tell you parts are not available due to the age of the car! Our Surrey based workshop is fully equipped to service any classic or modern American vehicle, from routine maintenance and MOTs through to full concours restoration. We take regular buying trips out to California and the dry states of America where we can source almost any classic you can dream of! Contact us with your dream car requirements and we’ll be delighted you find it for you!
In the early '70s, Bob Chandler modified his personal F-250 4x4 work truck with re-arched leaf springs, added 2?-ton military axles and lugged on 48-inch terra tires.
As they tried to repair the truck after weekend off-road trips with the family, Chandler and friend Jim Kramer discovered there was no shop that specialized in fixing up 4x4 vehicles. Hundreds of companies now serve the lifted-truck market, selling mild- to-wild suspension systems, tall tires and all the accessories that emphasize a big and tough pickup attitude.
Great I love the monsters truck as a side show, see these huge machines, destroying everything in its path is crossed is great to hear the deafening noise of the engines and see these monsters flying through the air is the maximum excellent blog.
My mom took me to a chopper shop when I was about thirteen years old and the guys working there had no interest in giving me any advice or help, I didn’t know where to buy one from and the few bikes that I had seen for sale didn’t float my boat. It’s always the lines, the over all silhouette, the angle of the tank, the bars, what gives it ‘the look’ I’m not big on masses of over fabrication and quirky little doodahs on bikes, engineering for the sake of engineering, I like stripped down pretty bikes with just enough style and class to stand out. I just do it, I have a background in fine art which in some ways would suggest I like to draw ideas out first but in fact it pushes me more the other way.
Aesthetics wise it is always the tanks, the wrong type of tank and it’s position can make or brake or a classic style chop, I spend a lot of time propping tanks on back bones, lifting them up a little, dropping them down, cutting and narrowing them, re-tunneling them and then throwing them away and starting from scratch. An Arlen Ness Sportster Digger which he built-in 1975, it was at a show in Verona where I was spending time with some friends.

It was such a pretty bike, so dainty but so purposeful looking, everything was so perfect on it.
I would say the 70’s but I guess really it is right now, I wasn’t there is the 70’s (well I was but not old enough to appreciate it) and certainly on the wrong side of the pond. The guys who have just had their first ride on a bike I have built for them, those texts or emails I get from them that just say ‘WOW’ or something along those lines, that’s better than any magazine praise or passing comment, I go home happy after stuff like that. Being able to what I want, when I want, I’ve never worked for anyone else and I don’t think I could, if it’s a nice day I can take off on my bike, If I want to work on one of my own projects I can.
I live in the Second City and it’s pretty built up round here, it’s a lot of stop starting so not too much fun on an old rigid Harley. In the bike world people who are younger than me and just getting into it but doing it properly, building bikes in their sheds but doing it right, learning and asking all the right questions. Who knows, I have a range of clothes off the back of the bikes and I manufacture a range of traditional chopper handlebars, I guess the parts thing is the next logical progression. I’ll only have a business building one-off motorcycles as long as people want to pay me to do it, but I’ve said that every year from when I started, and fourteen years later I’m still doing it.
ABOUT MEGADELUXE: Launched from a semi-secured bunker in 2011 – with over 1,000 posts to date – Megadeluxe scours Web-Landia for stories and ideas that hypnotize.
From restoration projects to nice drivers to show cars!From fins a€™na€™ chrome to super muscle, we love a€™em all! With a large private collection of vehicles, Dream Cars have been involved in the classic American car scene from the very beginning, and after 30 years, their knowledge and experience is second-to-none. From complete ground-up restorations to engine builds and all mechanical, body work and interior - we have the knowledge and experience. Our knowledgeable and experienced mechanics ensure that your highly prized vehicle recieves the expert and attention it deserves. Don’t forget to take a look at our Cars for Sale — stock list updated almost daily! But in 1975, he earned the nickname Bigfoot because his hell-bent-for-leather driving style kept breaking parts as he blasted through mud pits and river crossings. They've been featured in seven movies and made more than 25,000 appearances at shows and races in more than 20 countries. We want to hear your opinions and thoughts, but please only comment about the specified topic in the blog post. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
An Italian lad had bought the sportster and when he found out the Ness family were in town for the show he bought it along and there it was, nestled amongst the huge recent Ness creations, all these big inch swoopy baggers with screens and all kind of billet stuff and then this neat little digger in the middle of them.

I am very lucky that people like what I do enough to pay me for it, that doesn’t just mean I’m lucky enough to work in the bike industry because I like bikes, I’m lucky enough that people give me free rein on designing and building a bike from start to finish. But within twenty minutes I can be out of the city and out into the country side where I work, that’s what I like, leaving the city and its people behind. I always try to make time for people who want to ask me questions about bike building because I never had that when I started, no one was interested in helping me. I have developed and built a number of prototype motorcycles for companies who are putting them into production and I am part owner of the Black Douglas Motorcycle Co.
Shopping online for collectible toys and vintage dolls is the best way to find the widest selection of vintage and collectible toys.
If therea€™s anything that we don’t know about restoring classic American cars - it’s probably not worth knowing! The next year, Bigfoot was upgraded with 5-ton axles and 66-inch terra tires used on fertilizer spreaders.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Special thanks to photographer Sam Christmas for introducing me to Benny, and providing additional images for this story.
I still only really build bikes because I have an idea in my head of a bike I like but haven’t seen it anywhere, or I have seen it in a magazine but it’s thirty years old so the only way I can see that bike is to create it myself.
I do generally have a pretty good idea in my head of what I want to do before I start and I can look at a frame or a wheel and conjure up a good image of the finished bike in my mind but until I’ve got bits of metal in the right place there is know way of me knowing if it’s going to look right. It must have looked pretty odd because Arlen himself came over and asked me what I was doing.
I love the regeneration of the traditional chopper scene and I think the image of a jacked up, beat up 60’s ironhead chopper with narrow bars, drum brakes and a magneto white lining through the city in between modern Beemers and Mercs is something special. Then there is the guys that are older than me and were building and riding bikes long before me and are still doing it now…those are the guys I still call for help and advice and I find those guys inspiring. He had a lot of time for me and I asked him loads of questions about the bikes he was building in the mid seventies, it was a fascinating lesson for me and I like to think he enjoyed talking about his old builds rather than signing calendars and stuff. One guy I know built a knucklehead chopper forty years ago and is still riding it in the same guise now…that inspires me.
When I got back to England I built two diggers, and that’s my little claim to chopper history fame.

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