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But while the current setup isn't too impressive, it does have some noble ancestry: the Pacific Electric Red Car and Los Angeles Railway Yellow Car lines, which ran from the end of the 19th century until the 1960s.
Those systems aren't running anymore, but much of the underground infrastructure hasn't been touched. The platforms and tunnels may be damp, dark, and very dirty, but they offer a remarkable glimpse at the past of the City of Angels. The Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City has some incredible pictures posted on their Flickr page showing the abandoned transportation system hours before Hurricane Sandy hits the area. Part of the mystery of finding something is the imaginative process that ensues, trying to piece together a narrative that will make sense of things. It is not unusual to find sculptor Matt Calvert scouring highways for splintered shards of shiny plastic.
Jagged pieces of red, orange and transparent automobile plastic and icy pellets of shattered glass form the fragmented shapes of floral tributes, arrows and street signs he constructs on thick reflective sheets of vinyl and aluminium. While he has always harboured a penchant for found materials, the desire to consistently use them in his work was thoroughly teased out over the course of several influential international residencies.
The frosted green grit of glass consistently reappears in his work and like the broken pieces of automobile plastic, it has become a trademark material for Calvert.
The creative shockwaves sent out during these residencies have continued to reverberate and can still be seen in Calverta€™s current work.
Alluring in its visual appeal and use of evocative materials, Calverta€™s work unashamedly draws us in.
La estacion de metro se llama City Hall y la arquitectura de la estacion se parece al mundo magico de Harry Potter o los sets de Mad Men. Cada ciudad tiene sus secretos que solo muy pocos conocen, pero eso es lo que realmente hace que la ciudad se unica.
North Jersey can become a reality – and have an even more significant impact on future mobility patterns in the region. Last year, Alissa Walker, who writes the blog Gelatobaby, took a tour of LA's original subway, and shared some of her photos with us.

For anyone who has ever been to New York or even seen movies of the bustling metropolis, the pictures are slightly creepy and even reminiscent of the abandoned Chinese ghost cities.
The reflective remains of broken taillights, headlights and indicators are gathered like prized jewels alongside the twisted relics of steel fenders and car doorframes. The generic detritus of industrya€“a€“plastic, metal and glassa€“a€“finds a fitting home in his work. While overseas, glass salvaged from the abandoned skeletons of incomplete apartment buildings and office blocks, used subway tickets and discarded ceramics began to form the base materials for much of his work. In recent months, the simple shapes of traditional, handcrafted wooden toys have become the subject of sculptures created from toughened glass. Beneath the enticing surface lies an innate meaning, an inner life that whispers of another time, another place and another purpose.
A pesar de que la estacion no este abierta al publico, en 1995 la ciudad de Nueva York restauro la estacion y si que se puede ver si coges el metro 6 hata el final de la linea.
Asi que en tu proxima intercambio de casas en Nueva York no te olvides de subirte al tren 6, ?seguro que sera una experiencia inolvidable! Knok es una red de familias de confianza, que compartimos nuestras casas unos con otros cuando no estamos en ellas. Knok es una comunidad de intercambio de casas que permite a sus usuarios viajar alrededor del mundo de forma gratuita, intercambiando su casa. Original construction of this massive structure lasted from 1920 to 1925, however when the money issued to the project in 1916 ran out, the project never got anywhere and no further money was gathered. Metro-North Railroad took the opportunity to scrub the floors of the lower level dining concourse.
Taken back to his studio, these remnants are individually cleaned and sorted into large bins, ready to be constructed into new objects infused with a different meaning. Contained within each composition are the elements of a previous purpose and the promise of purpose reconstructed and reborn.
During his time overseas, Calvert drew inspiration from his surrounding environment and began to produce work reflective of his experiences with urban architecture, the industrial fallout of economic decline and the fractured experiences of culture shock.

Objects stripped of cultural relevance were injected with value and became the building blocks of a sophisticated visual narrative.
Stout, knee-high figures of men, women and children are grouped together with their respective pets in a tableau of suggestive social commentary. En vez de bajarte en la ultima parada que es Brooklyn Bridge, quedate sentado en el tren mientras da media vuelta. Encuentra consejos útiles y lugares interesantes que puedes utilizar cuando viajas con tus hijos. No tracks were laid and no subways cars were ordered, and no passengers rode in either of six stations that were constructed. The previous systemwide suspension of service took place in August 2011 for Tropical Storm Irene. The familiar shapes and the nostalgic titles Calvert applies trigger the deep recesses of memory and recall a time when life may have appeared simpler. Y en ese transcurso no despegues los ojos de tu ventana porque podras ver la estacion de City Hall que tan pocas personas han visto. Like a child constructs a scene with LegoA®, Calvert carefully arranges various sets of social possibilities, questioning the broader cultural implications they each may present. The memory of his own father, tragically taken in a car accident when the artist was a child, comes to mind during the ritual of collecting and resonates throughout his ensuing artistic practice. As a result, Calverta€™s meticulously assembled sculptures often incorporate striking symbols of loss, caution and memory.

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