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It shows that right now, the unemployment rate in New York State and New York City is lower than the nation as a whole, and lower than that of Texas.
An apartment building explosion in lower Manhattan Thursday left at least 12 people injured, three critically. Last year, the Center for an Urban Future issued a report on the state of New York City’s aging infrastructure. Thanks to a new study, we now know that we share our commutes with around 600 different species of bacteria a€” including some that have been linked with everything from food poisoning to meningitis. Other, far less harmful subway residents include the microbes found in mozzarella cheese and bacteria found in garbanzo beans (the main ingredient in falafel), which reveal a striking pattern of commuting-while-snacking.
If you've ever stopped at or passed South Ferry, the southern Manhattan station that was flooded during Hurricane Sandy, you might be interested to find out that most of your fellow bacterial commuters are from under the sea. Yes, two full years after Hurricane Sandy, the majority of the microbes lining the walls of the South Ferry Station still resemble the bacteria we typically associate with fish species and marine environments.

While the bacterial environment at South Ferry reveals how hardy certain microbes can be, the bacteria at Penn Station reveal how rapidly that environment can transform based solely on who travels there and how often.
Another important finding from the new research is that we still know astoundingly little about the types of bacteria that populate the subway, where they come from, and why they thrive there. Before you freak out, you should know this: Exposing yourself to all these mystery vermin isn't nearly as bad for you as it sounds. In fact, several recent studies suggest that people who grow up in bacteria-rich environments a€” like those that include different animalsA and insects a€” are better protected from allergies and respiratory infections than people who spend their early lives in "clean," highly urban ones.
You can check out the full interactive map the researchers created to accompany their study here. And for all of Rick Perry's questionable claims that his "business-friendly" leadership is behind Texas's "miracle" growth, New York State was right behind it despite the Empire State's massive regulation regime.
The Wall Street Journal is reporting a preliminary investigation has determined the incident was caused by a gas explosion.

That’s according to the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. Ten of the bacterial species the researchers found in South Ferry didn't exist in any other station in the city. Of all the microbes the researchers discovered during the course of their 3-year-study, nearly half don't match any known type of species. Natural gas is cheap and environmentally friendlier than other fuel sources, and demand is growing, the center said.
That adds up to 3,321 miles of leaky gas mains, double the rate of Philadelphia, which actually has about the same miles of gas pipes.

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