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Gedetailleerde verkopersbeoordelingen informatie is niet beschikbaar wanneer er minder dan 10 beoordelingen zijn. Having received the first (4) releases from Altaya (1:72 diecast tanks from Spain), below are some pictures of each. The turret is metal, the running gear is some how cut short missing at least the outer road wheels. Upper hull in metal, very soft detail on the rear upper hull with engine grills hardly visible.

I have the sherman sitting in front of me and if it had been a 75 instead of 105 howitzer I would be over the monn with it. Some problems in assemblage with parts badly aligned like the junction between the gun barrel and the external mantlet, too soft vinyl tracks.
Z ekranami on the front hull limiting the use to the Leningrad sector, as this feature is almost absent on other areas (so the paint job and the model represented didn't match). ALot of little things to mention about each, but probably worth bringing up for those trying to decide on whether to get them or not (Ebay is your best bet).

If they still don't work tomorrow, I'll switch the server the pictures are stored on and repost.

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