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Photography may be the science, art and practice of creating durable pictures by creating light or perhaps other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically with an graphic sensor, or chemically by way of a light-sensitive material for example photographic movie.
Normally, a lens can be used to emphasis the light-weight reflected or perhaps emitted via objects right into a real image within the light-sensitive surface inside a camera within a timed direct exposure. As my baseboards will not now be ready until the end of October, I have bought some more rolling stock to keep me busy; three AMS coaches, eight flats and a Bachmann caboose.
Hi Peter, If I'd known about the impending shortage, I probably would have snapped up all eight as well!
I've been able to get on with the car shop, which is a pretty close copy of the one at Grass Valley though mine has been reduced in length - it's still 3' 6" long! There has been a problem on the forum that forced the administrator to reset the database to its 5th october state. The pages that have been deleted discussed the turntable I was about to build; well, here it is. With an electric image sensor, this produces a utility charge from each pixel, that\'s electronically processed and stored in a digital image register for subsequent show or finalizing. I am gutted though I didn't get my backside in gear and order some of the coaches, I didn't realise just how superior they are to the Spectrum coaches! It now looks like the San Juan coaches will not be produced, so you did well to get hold of the AMS ones when you did. Because it's going to be right at the front of the baseboard I wanted to make it so that the detailed interior would be visible so most of one wall and roof have been left off. All messages posted between 5th and 15th of october were lost but it made available again tons of previous topics that had disappeared due to the problem.
I have decided against trying to motorise it for the time being, mainly because a turntable like this turning without any figures pushing looks silly, yet you can't have the figures there because they'd look silly all the time it isn't turning. The result with photographic emulsion is surely an invisible latent impression, which is actually later chemically \"developed\" right visible image, either unfavorable or positive depending on the purpose with the photographic material and the method of processing.

The coaches were the last ones EDM Models had left and the same applied to the flats; I got four Nevada County and four Nevada California and Oregon.
Cue e-bay madness when it comes to AMS coach prices?!?!I was thinking about the baggage car problem as well, the only thing I could think of doing was maybe bashing two of the Spectrum ones together to increase the length and maybe mounting them on AMS bogies or equivalent?
This issue was discussed in a thread that not everybody noticed (and that has disappeared too, with the reset). A bad image on film is actually traditionally employed to photographically develop a positive image on the paper base, known as being a print, either by employing an enlarger as well as by speak to printing. As with the coaches they are superb models but they look far too clean straight out of the box:Fortunately I enjoy weathering my stock, and of course it all had to be relettered for the Laurel County narrow gauge. Ignore the track in the pictures; I stand the model on my O gauge garden line to photograph it. I cut the well from a sheet of 5mm thick MDF board; I cut the circle with my Jigsaw, then used stripwood to support the structure. I began with the coaches by spraying the underframe & trucks with 'sleeper grime' enamel paint from a spray can, including a light misting on the ends.
The solid walls and roof are made from plastic card, with the wooden framing from quareter inch square stripwood. The wall with the windows is clear polystyrene sheet 3mm thick; the plastic strip that makes up the windows is glued straight to it. I'll use a reversing loop module to reverse the current automatically when the table has been rotated. The black plastic of the underframe was lost in the shadows but painting it like this brings out all the detail.
The wood was stained by soaking it with diluted black acrylic paint once the glue had hardened.Then the corrugated panels were added using Wills corrugated asbestos, and the windows were built up from plastic strip - unfortunately I had to do both sides! The deck is slightly longer than the scale 50' as I need to turn a Bachmann 4-6-0, my longest loco.

I then used my home made water slide decals to letter the red strip above the windows which gives a splash of colour to the coaches. If I was building it again I would make the cross beams supporting the rail closer together.
I have left the roofs black for the time being but I think they need dry brushing in grey to lighten them, a job that can be done later on. The rail is Peco code 75, used because it has a slightly wider base than the Micro Engineering code 83 I use on the layout.I know it should be spiked down, but mine is just glued in place.
The flat wagons were treated in the same way with the sleeper grime paint, and then the decks were covered with printed paper to model the bare wood planking; paint would not have remained here for long once the wagon was in use. I'll finish detailing the interior when a box arrives from Sierra West in the States with lots of lovely bits in it. All eight wagons received a different section of planking paper making them look much more varied and like well worn wagons in everyday use should look. The lettering on the NCNG wagons was easy, I just had to change the 'N' to an 'L' and for sentimental reasons I left one as NCNG as it has inspired the layout.
The four NCO wagons needed all the lettering changing, apart from the number which I left alone. The Bachmann caboose was given etched brass ladders as both were broken when it arrived but other than that it was just a lettering and weathering job.
These cars have boosted my rolling stock nicely and I'm pleased that everything on the layout will no longer be from Bachmann.

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