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Message: I finished my DME SD10 this week (#551, City of Brookings) -So, now my SD9 has a playmate -That should about do it for my brief DME obsession (at least for now). Message: My first loco and freight carsAtlas E8 and two Atlas box cars (came as kits), early 70's?Bob. Message: Idling her days away in the Oakville engine facility is my first Oakville loco - that's an Atlas (Kato) GP30.
Message: Here are what's left of my originals purchased about the late '70s and early '80s. Message: The green CPA24-5 is a bash using an Atlas shell and parts from Life Like PB-1 and FA-2 dummies. Message: picked up a hard to find runner-pack of NKP Express boxcars that are out of production (Intermountian, Special Run) and decided that maybe it really is time to listen to the wife and buy a new camera.
Message: I thought I wouldn't have anything to contribute because I went to a history conference this week and don't have anything new. Message: -sorry no pictures but in honor of the occasion, I unpacked my Rapido pacific and the New Haven switcher. Looking at some of my old pics from the late 80's, it seems that CSX used the chessie numbers to do the renumbering with.
Even stranger that CSX patched all units with numbers on the sub base though B&O had them on the cab.

Hey, to add a little more credibility to the photo, I enlarged it a bit and tried to sharpen the focus (not too successful at that) with this result:The road number could be 5054 or 5058. AMAZING!!!This has got to be the single coolest item I've got for the layout to date.The amount of detail on this little B Model blows my mind, the picture simply doesn't do it justice. The MDC 2-8-0 in the close background and the B-mann 4-4-0 in the further background, are, of course, of more recent manufacture. They are not my first trains by a long shot, as my dad bought me numerous HO sets as a kid, mostly Tyco as I remember. It would be nice to have a true Helvetica Alphabet WITHOUT stencil breaks in three colors, which would fill a multitude of gaps, including the near lack of yellow CSXT initials in the freight cars set, and helvetica in white would work for renumbering many of the IPD schemes too, among others. I wonder if the brighter shade of yellow underneath the numbers had anything to do with the shade of blue.
I have a photo of GP38-2 2702 in Seaboard System paint with numbers on doors, SBD numbers were always on cab. It's an Aurora Postage Stamp Train Set that I received for Christmas in 1968 when I was 9 years old. The caboose is stock number 2437 marked 10.1968 made in Italy and the loco is stock number 104, no date, made in Austria. My spatial geometry muscles appear still to be in good shape.Very nice , are these angles correct , or is it the camera angle ?

I probably should have put the track on the floor, or propped it against the wall to take the pic. Very wobbly!Bachmann F9A recently serviced, replaced missing airhorns, fixed couplers, etc. Strange that they also used yellow numbers for the units still in B&O paint-I was lucky enough to get pics a GP30 and a GP40 patched still in B&O paint (4134 and 6520).
This is the original box from that set.I only have two remaining cars from that original set. My Dadhad a buddy at work that wanted to get into N scale so we sold the layout tofund my RC racing habit.Things have gone full circle and I am back to trains. Both part of the same consist sandwiching a newly painted CSX unit in the old blue and gray with black underframe.
I keep these two cars parked on sidings on the layout just to remind me where it all started.This is the oldest loco in my collection.
Gave it to an acquaintance recently to help him get started cheaply.I still have a bunch of my freight cars and the PRR passenger set as well.

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