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Hey Don, that guy driving that Chevy from scene to scene must be a foamer as he is following the action.
Boxcar, I have been toying with an area that has stumped me now for a year and can't come to a plan yet on how to treat the area. Hi Don, that's a nice photo, I saved it several years ago when I saw it, That's a NYC Alco S-2. HO scale Alco C-424 diesel locomotiveAlthough the HO scale Alco C-424 has been part of the Atlas product line for years, this latest Classic-series version marks the first time the firm’s HO model has been available with an ESU LokSound Select Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder that captures the raspy sound of the Alco 251 prime mover and offers a host of programmable features. Boston & Maine, Central of New Jersey, Erie RR (HH660 only), Milwaukee Road, New York Central, Relco RE, Southern Pacific (HH660 only), and Wabash. In a nutshell, the terminal is in the shape of a "J" and measures on the long end 15x4, bottom 9x5, and the short end (waterfront) 6x4. I could write for an hour or two on this topic as there is a lot that goes into a good plan. With that said I plan to model rural NY state in phase 2 to add more diversity to the look and feel of the layout.
Directional lighting, five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, and Accumate magnetic knuckle couplers. Check out the picture of the rails in the streets and the buildings next to them-Same as yours.
If you decide to model semi-rural or industrial MA, then find out what industries were there at the time and how were they served. So I then came home, went online and was researching Baker's Chocolate Factory on MSN Maps.

Where were the yards how did they service local industries and interconnect with other railroads.
But it seems to take a while and I also lay out the track in all sorts of configurations till it seems right. In my humble opinion, a lot of people approach track planning from the point of engineering. They develop these vastly intricate track plans that have no basis in reality and when completed, just aren't convincing. There is nothing wrong with this of course but if you want a prototypical railroad, then you must set out to model a prototype. Use newspaper to lay down an outline of an industry or cardboard to make some mock-ups of buildings. I created a track plan earlier in the year and after running in my mind for a few months, I have completely abandoned it.
British Columbia Ry., Canadian National, Halliburton (UTLX reporting marks, one car number available). Walthers Inc.HO scale details and accessories20-foot high-cube municipal solid waste trash container. Atlas Model Railroad Co.American Model Builders HO scale thirteen-lever interlocking machine kitThirteen-lever interlocking machine kit. Includes template for installing the levers, floor plate with laser-scribed details, and a laser-cut mask with color suggestions. American Model Builders Inc.N scale locomotivesElectro-Motive Division GP15-1 diesel locomotive.

Appalachian Northern (three road numbers), Conrail ("Quality" scheme), CSX, Missouri Pacific, and Union Pacific. InterMountain Railway Co.N scale freight carsGeneral American 40-foot Airslide covered hopper. Etched-metal running boards, and brakewheel platform, prototype-specific details, and Micro-Trains magnetic knuckle couplers.
Made by Eastern Seaboard Models, distributed by InterMountain Railway Co.Wood refrigerator cars. Burlington Northern, Fruit Grower's Express, Kahn's, Merchants Biscuit Co., Sioux City Dressed Beef, and Western Fruit Express (large Great Northern goat herald). Tab-and-slot construction, peel-and-stick parts, stair assembly jig, and cast-metal smoke jack.
Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, see-through etched-metal grills, and detailed cab interior with painted crew figures. Essential Mmodel Railroad Scenery techniquesBooksEssential Model Railroad Scenery Techniques. Comprehensive how-to guide for constructing scenery for mountains, deserts, lakes and streams, and rural and town scenes.

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