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Please check individual branches for  information regarding wheelchair parking and wheelchair accessible toilets. Tipperary County Council Library Service have assistive reading technologies which are now available free of charge in libraries around  the County. The same resources can also be used to help with foreign language learning, personal study and research. This is a literacy support tool designed to assist Users of all ages who require extra assistance when reading or composing text. Tipperary County Council Library Service and Schools department (Thurles) have a wide range of books and reading series that can assist children, teenagers and adults to enjoy reading and learning.
For Adults, Barrington Stoke and Livewires will be of great interest to people with dyslexia or who require a book relevant to their age but with vocabulary that reflects their reading age as well.  These books can help narrow the gap between Interest Age and Read Age. For Children and Young Teens there is an even broader range available.These resources are available to schools, teachers, parents and individual members. Tipperary County Council Library Service have a large range of Audio books that are suitable for both Adults and Juveniles . These exciting, dramatic and funny stories are ideal for adults who’ve stopped reading or find reading tough, and for regular readers who want a short, fast read.
If you are new to the concept of audio book players for the blind then you will be glad to discover that there are several options and choices available to choose from. The audio book players for the blind enable the blind and visually impaired individuals to listen to audio books and audio files. All of the audio book players for the blind are designed with tactile symbols on the control buttons and for checking the tape movement in case of cassette players. Unauthorized duplication, distribution, or copying in any way is prohibited by law and will be prosecuted. Coming Soon This Summer We Will be offering Coloring and Cookies for ages                                                                 16 and Up! Recipes and Rememberences by North lyon County Library are for sale at the Library $15.00 each come and get one before they are gone! We Have Our Microfilm Online and ready for everyone to search and print from any computer with a printer!! I’ve always loved audio books, and now they’re catching on with the rest of the country. Most public libraries have large collections of books on CD and tape that you can check out for a small fee or even at no cost. There are some critics who say audio books are “lazy” and “take away from the reading experience”.
Audio books have allowed me to tackle, and thoroughly enjoy, tomes that I might not otherwise have had the time or patience to try.
The critics who say audio books are not “functional literature” seem to miss the author’s whole point: to share a story with an audience. With all of the exciting changes and breakthroughs within the book world in the form of digital media, the pioneering audio book stands strong next to newcomers like e-books.

While my first choice for reading remains sitting down with a good book, often life gets in the way.
Because I read and listen to a wide range of authors, I have also found that I have recently started making it a point in adding new authors to every other book I read or listen to. As much as I enjoy audio books, the one downside I find is that my mind often takes picnics, leaving me to think of other things and ideas as something I hear triggers an idea for my own writing and I miss part of the narration and must go back. Audio books give people the ability to download and listen to digital audio books on their iPhones, Android devices, Kindle Fires or MP3 players. Audible has become a leader in the industry, and as part of the Amazon group, their audio book collection is the largest in the world.
The main character, Sophy, is so confident, fun and extremely likeable – she is almost irresistable. The book will keep you guessing and even at the end when you think its all resolved you will want to go to the next book just to see what happens. James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge have again teamed up to create another Michael Bennett thriller, Burn. It is designed to help people that have reading, learning or sight difficulties to enjoy books and reading and it will also make access to the Internet and the PC much easier. The software provides continuity by supporting users throughout education from primary through to tertiary level and into the workplace. If you are visually impaired or have other reading difficulties such as dyslexia but love books, try Large Print. Quick Reads have helped hundreds of thousands of people to pick up books and enjoy reading again. The concept of having books on audio was started to enable the blind to experience the wonderful world of book reading.
They can be either charged using external electrical power outlet or by using regular or rechargeable batteries.
Most of the audio book players for the blind are able to play the DAISY format audio books so that one can navigate through the book, set book mark, go back to previous page, section or sentence and just like we re- read some portions again.
There are also some institutions for the blind that loan the audio book players for no charge for some time.
If you would like to donate DVD’s that you no longer watch we would be happy to take them. While these naysayers are absolutely entitled to their opinions, I’ve found countless benefits to this old, yet budding, medium.
They’re a great way to experience the classics, those books you’ve always thought, “I really should read,” but never seem to surface from beneath the pile of mysteries and romance novels. In the crowded daylight hours, I seldom have time to read for pleasure, reserving that pleasure each night before falling asleep where I prefer short, page-turning chapters. My iPod is filled with audiobooks I have purchased or borrowed from the library, filling my head with marvelous action verbs, descriptions, and plot variations. I found myself doing this at first to be supportive of new authors, however, I have also benefited personally by expanding on my reading lists.

However, without the availability of audiobooks my exposure to the works of others would be greatly diminished.
There are hundreds of thousands of audio books available, and because they can be listened to at anytime and anywhere, they have become very popular. With such a rapid rate of growth, we are starting to focus more on audio books as well as e-books and published hard copy books.
This installment may very well scorch the Patterson fans’ avid appetite, as this rousing novel follows two intense cases.
These audio book players for the blind can play cassettes, CDs, MP3s and also the CDs of the DAISY format that are especially made for people who have reading difficulties, including blind, visually impaired, dyslexic and other individuals. The latest audio book players for the blind are more or multi- functional gadgets than just cassette players. These players have large memories and also slots for additional memory cards, so that the user can save several books.
They date back to 1931, when Congress established the talking-book program to benefit blind adults. Families planning a summer road trip can buy audio books at any of the ubiquitous Cracker Barrel restaurants along the way and when they’re finished listening, drop them at the next Cracker Barrel and get a refund minus $3.49 per week of use. For one, having a book read to you, as opposed to reading it yourself, is a whole new experience. Listeners can go for a walk or bike ride, sew, or vacuum the floors while “reading’’ a book. You will resent distractions, ignore the phone, postpone making dinner in order to stay with it. It pulls you in from page one and leaves you hanging at the end of the bonus material, waiting with baited breathe for the pending release of the next book in the series.
These tools are used as book readers, music players, note takers, tag and label readers etc.
The narrators (many of them are acclaimed actors) add emotion, accents and pronunciations you might not have included in your own internal dialogue. They are also fitted with slots for memory cards and can be connected to the computer using USB cables just like and IPod or MP3 player. And as on of those in love with the written word, Audiobooks now fill most of my down time.
I usually have one with me on my morning walks, while driving, getting dressed, or while doing any other myriad of other untold mindless tasks.

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