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A special collector's edition book, featuring previously unseen artwork, has been published to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Thomas the Tank Engine. The Reverend W Awdry created the character to entertain his young son, Christopher, who was ill with measles at the time. Christopher and his sister Hilary Fortnam spoke to Charlie Stayt and Susanna Reid about their father's creation. Superbugs will kill someone every three seconds by 2050 unless the world acts now, a hugely influential report says. UK children's TV show Bob the Builder is off to retake America in a move which his owner Hit Entertainment hopes will help to rebuild profits. Bob is set to be a core component of a new 24-hour pre-school channel in which Hit has invested a 30% stake.
The company said Mr Lawes was leaving so he could be replaced with someone who had more experience of running TV channels.
Mr Orton added that the company had started the search for Mr Lawes' replacement and had a few names in mind.
Hit Entertainment is investing $32m (?18m) over five years for a 30% stake in the new TV channel which will reach 100 million US homes. The channel will be a joint venture with US cable company Comcast, US public broadcaster PBS, and Sesame Workshop, the creators of Sesame Street. Bob the Builder has not been seen on US screens since February, and analysts said his absence was a major factor behind the fall in profits. Malcolm Morgan, an analyst at Investec Securities, said the recent absence of Bob the Builder from US screens was part of a wider quiet period for the character.

Thomas the Tank Engine is getting a multicultural makeover with the introduction of trains from around the world. The Great Race is the eleventh animated feature film for Thomas and the new characters are likely increase interest from international markets.
Fearless Ashima comes from the Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Southern India, which is dangerous and difficult to climb. Rajiv is a small tank engine from the East Indian Railway, who carries passengers and goods from Calcutta in the east up to the north of India.
Based on a Nacionale De Mexico 903 2-8-0, Carlos of Mexico is a proud and happy steam engine from the heart of Mexico.
Based on a SNCB Type 12.004, Axel of Belgium is a smooth streamlined tender engine built for speed.
Etienne of France is based on the SNCF DC BB 9004, he is a fast electric locomotive who has been setting world speed records in his home country. Based on a DB Class 10 001-002, Frieda of Germany will be entering the Strongest Engine race in the film.
Gina of Italy is based on the Locomotiva FNM 200-05 and she can match the boys pound for pound when it comes to shunting freight in the yard. Based on a TGM 23, Ivan of Russia is the only Diesel locomotive competing in the Great Railway Show. Raul of Brazil looks like a diesel but he is in fact a steam engine based on a Sentinel 7109. Based on a SteamRanger 520 Sir Malcolm Barclay Harvey, Shane of Australia is one of the Whispering Giants of the South Australian Railway - a big strong steam engine who was built for passenger and mixed freight work.

Based on an RM Class 4-6-2, Yong Bao of China once cleverly diverted an accident, saving hundreds of passengers and was decorated for his bravery and painted bright red, which is a colour that symbolises celebration and happiness. Racing Vinnie of North America is big and strong but his competitive nature could be his downfall.
Engines from India, Russia and China among others are being introduced in a new film The Great Race. The new engines are due to only feature in the film and won't be appearing in future TV episodes.
In the Great Race Thomas competes against the new international engines at the Great Railway Show. Scotsman represents the UK, while Thomas competes to represent the island of Sodor where he lives.
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