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If you're in the Boston area, you can easily make a day trip or weekend getaway to New York City and see them yourself.
Definitely take in a Broadway show if there's time, and rather than blowing your budget on a nice dinner that you won't have time to linger over, grab a hot dog or prix-fixe meal in Times Square before or after the show. Go deeper into Central Park, either with one of their free walking tours, or biking or blading. For discount shopping, which is always a hit or miss experience, Century 21 is near Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty and Wall Street.

Former presidential candidate Al Smith (on right) with Franklin Roosevelt, the man who followed him as governor of NY, 1930.
Add an Off Broadway Show, nice dinner or night club and definitely check to see what cool monthly events are happening. I love the Village, SoHo and Meatpacking areas, all filled with culture, nightlife, character, the arts and shopping.
But there is nothing like one of our Sample Sales if you are in town when your favorite brand is there.

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