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On Canal Street Chinatown in New York City, passengers wait in line for the Fung Wah Bus to Boston. Fung Wah, the discount bus company that for nearly two decades operated between Manhattan's Chinatown and Boston and lost its federal license in 2013 because of safety violations, may close for good as early as the end of this month after losing its Boston stop.
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Director of Communications Joe Pesaturo confirmed to NBC News that the MBTA gave one of Fung Wah's two gates at Boston's South Station to Megabus, a discount intercity bus operated by DATTCO, a transportation company.
A couple of months ago, the MBTA also signed an agreement with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, which awarded Fung Wah's remaining gate to accommodate several other bus carriers, Pesaturo said.
Late last year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration granted Fung Wah permission to resume operations, and on April 28 the local community board in New York approved Fung Wah's request to re-establish a bus stop in Manhattan's Chinatown.
Liang said Fung Wah was still considering other locations in Boston that could serve as bus stops.
Meanwhile, as Liang weighs all his options, his company's expenses, he said, continue to mount.
The bus companies were rumored to be fronts for Chinese gangs (actually, they were blackmailed by the gangs). A search online revealed that several bus companies offer the route, but I went with Fung Wah for old times’ sake.
A NY-Boston ticket for the Fung Wah bus cost $15 this time, and almost none of the passengers was Chinese.

Across the aisle, a tattooed guy was explaining to his girlfriend how to eat zong zi, which, if you haven’t had one, are one of the most delicious and fun Chinese foods.
An hour into Connecticut, we were crawling along I-95 in Friday afternoon traffic when the driver suddenly pulled over.
Five and a half hours later, when we arrived in Boston, I discovered that Fung Wah even had a proper gate at South Station — no more offloading passengers in the middle of Chinatown. My guess is that running a bus operation is probably cheaper than most people think, provided it is run efficiently. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration took Fung Wah off the road after officials in Massachusetts discovered cracks in the frames of some of Fung Wah's buses.
But without its original South Station stop in Boston, it could prove difficult for Liang to restart his route after being sidelined by federal regulators for some 27 months, he said.
Pesaturo said that as of Tuesday, however, Fung Wah had not filed a request with the MBTA for access to other stops.
The bus went from Boston’s Chinatown to the Chinatown in Manhattan, and at $10 per ticket, it cost less than half as much as Greyhound or Peter Pan.
He took out his zong zi, slipped off the white string, and unfolded the bamboo leaf that held together the pyramid of savory sticky rice. Fung Wah’s costs must be higher than that of the smaller other Chinatown bus companies, but I think in general these companies have little overhead and accept slimmer margins.

They brought chowmein to Calcutta, India, “became black” in South Africa, and are remaking fast fashion in Prato, Italy. That order came amid dozens of maintenance violations and a number of traffic accidents involving Fung Wah buses, including one in 2008 that killed one person and injured six others in Manhattan's Chinatown. Skeleton crew, lower salaries, no corporate offices, no HR departments, no traditional advertising, no proper bus stations. Fung Wah has a counter and gate in Boston, but in New York their passengers are just waiting on the sidewalk, and their buses are parking on the side of the street. The ride between New York and Boston is approximately four to five hours, depending on traffic.There is a bathroom and food break, but it's brief, so consider bringing your own snack, just in case. And make sure to reboard on time, as I've seen people left behind on various bus companies before!As I alluded to above, don't expect luxury.

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