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And of course, I have to give you options!  You can get the Lionel version in either a G-gauge or an O-gauge Polar Express train.
Brio also makes a Polar Express.  And would you also believe a wooden version of this Christmas train? Now the sets have some goodies in them, but what if you want extra track, liquid smoke, caribou or the ever-popular hot chocolate car?  Never fear, options are here! There’s a whole world of add-ons for this magical train set.  From your favorite figures, to extra cars to dioramas, bridges and even liquid smoke!
So climb on board, and get ready to visit the Polar Express train set, with all its magic.  See you at the North Pole!

This is a clever wooden track set that could likely be used for die-cast trains in a pinch! Known as the original train table maker, BRIO has been creating a high quality wooden train table. This highly comprehensive Brio wooden train table is delivered with a solid frame, a colourful plate, a railway system and many elements.
The train tables are characterized by their timeless design and high quality.No less than 3 trains (including waggons) drive around the extensive rail circuit on the table. This extremely solid Scandinavian product represents top-notch quality and is highly recommendable.

Delivered in UK and Ireland with the original Brio trains as well as an indestructible frame. Also included are 3 rail fly-overs, a rail tunnel, a real station, a terminal, sign posts, a railway crossing, a harbour with a crane (which can effectively load into and unload containers from a cargo vessel!), bus, lorry, etc.. A Brio wooden train table can be placedA in stores, public places, waiting rooms and at home.

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