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GE's interactive exhibit at Creative Week NYC enables participants to construct a holographic model of the company's latest jet engine. As a part of Creative Week NYC, technology behemoth GE has created Throttle Up, a large-scale interactive hologram experience that allows guests to virtually build and examine a life-sized rendering of the company’s newest  and most advanced jet engine, the GEnx.
Between now and May 11, from 11am to 9pm, the general public is invited to experience the exhibit for themselves at St. After a short video tutorial explaining how to use the gesture-based interface of the exhibit, participants are brought into a dark room with a large holographic screen displaying 200 individual engine pieces (rendered from the actual CAD files of the GEnx) floating in space above a glowing night skyline. We wanted to do something that would push the envelope and be different than standard media.
According to GE, the engine will deliver 15 percent less CO2 emissions and 30 percent lower noise levels than similar engines in its class making the GEnx the most passenger-friendly engine that the company has ever built.
If you find yourself in DUMBO this week, drop by the exhibit and let us know what you think. While there can be several different goals to fulfil by the creation of a purpose built BIM model that may differ both in their focus, scope, complexity, level of details and the depth of information added to the 3D model, of course the most trivial use of a BIM model is for making nice visualizations of the being to be build.
Building Simulation - BIM models not only contain architectural data but the full depth of the building information including data related to the different engineering disciplines such as the load-bearing structures, all the ducts and pipes of the different building systems and even sustainability information as well with which all the characteristics of a building can easily be simulated well in advance. BIM and CAD represent two fundamentally different approaches to building design and documentation.
Although there are several model-based design solutions available on the market today, it is important to note that not all solutions can equally fulfill the requirements for being a true BIM solution. Optimally, the BIM model should be able to serve all deliverables during the entire building project lifecycle.
As noted above, a€?reala€? BIM models should incorporate all information necessary to create the deliverables during the building projectsa€™ lifecycle. In addition to being compatible with the world at the binary level (file compatibility) BIM tools also need to be compatible with one another at the process or workflow level. As noted above, the BIM model is much more tightly integrated and includes much more data than traditional CAD drawings.
Building projects are not only unique design pieces but the way they are designed varies between countries. GRAPHISOFTA® ignited the BIM revolution with ARCHICADA®, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT offers a full package of tools to help you start implementing BIM in your office.
Sustainable design (or "green") is becoming a leading force behind utilizing BIM in the building process. GRAPHISOFT is operating a full-fledged Certification program for design professionals using ARCHICAD.
Using the Kinect-enabled interface, guests swipe and pull the separate objects together to form larger, more complex machinery.
Everybody has been on a plane before, but the most people normally don’t stop to think about how it all works and what goes into making a jet engine.

Remember, the thicker the stock you print on, the sturdier your model will Make a scale model of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope using easy-to-find supplies and our See the models other builders have made ? and send us pictures of your own !
BIM is very much talked about these days in the building industry, but when asked you will receive more or less different definitions from different people? This is good for both helping your design decision by comparing different design alternatives and for a€?sellinga€? your design to your client or even to the local community that might have a veto about the entire building project. CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications imitate the traditional a€?paper & pencila€? process in so far as two-dimensional electronic drawings are created from 2D graphic elements such as lines, hatches and text, etc.
There are various levels and depths to creating 3D building models starting from mass models used for schematic design through 3D models created for visualization purposes to intelligent a€?reala€? building information models. This is especially true in the event of interdisciplinary design teams that need to collaborate on the different design aspects of the same building.
This necessarily implies that project-size growth has an exponential relation with the performance requirements.
GRAPHISOFT offers fully functional education version of its software with interactive learning materials for students for the entire duration of their studies.
If you are interested in your current level of BIM knowledge please take our dedicated BIM test online.
Eventually, all the parts come together to form a photo-realistic, interactive rendering of the GEnx jet engine. We began deconstructing them, looking at what’s inside and we realized that they are made of thousands of complex parts that nobody ever sees.
Others say BIM is a process or BIM is nothing more than the collection of all building data organized into a structure database easy to query both in a "visual" and a "numerical" way. Change Management - Since data is stored in a central place in a BIM model any modification to the building design will automatically replicate in each views such as floor plans, sections and elevation. Scheduling information, for example clarifies the necessary manpower, coordination and anything that might affect the out come of the project schedule. CAD drawings, similarly to traditional paper drawings, are created independently from each other so design changes need to be followed up and implemented manually on each CAD drawing. While models created for visualization only contain not more than the 3D geometry and material descriptions necessary for the realistic presentation of the building, real BIM models, in addition to the geometry, also contain an abundance of additional information necessary to coordinate, document, list and manage the building based upon its intelligent BIM model. Hence it is a vital question whether the design, documentation, realization and operation of the building is supported by the BIM tool beginning with conceptual design through design development, construction documentation to construction administration & management and ultimately facility management. When selecting your BIM tool it is mission critical whether your BIM tool supports open standards and open workflows that enable coordination with consultants -- regardless of the type or version of their selected design application (BIM tool). This is, however, not a given, as BIM models are much more tightly integrated than traditional CAD drawing-based projects. Whether a BIM solution can handle that growth depends on various factors including its ability to utilize latest hardware enhancements and the way it handles the model. Next to its genuine BIM tools GRAPHISOFT offers a wide array of Add-On products and solutions to extend the capability of its BIM tools. Teachers and Academic institutions can utilize GRAPHISOFT's full BIM curriculum in their academic programs.

It is safe to say that BIM is all the above and some morea€¦ Now leta€™s see BIM explained in laymena€™s terms. This not only helps in creating the documentation faster but also provides stringent quality assurance by automatic coordination to the different views. Cost is also part of BIM that allows us to see what the budget or estimated cost of a project might be at any given point in the time during the project. Sharing design in BIM requires a whole new approach that involves active BIM servers that offer parallel, a€?real-timea€? access for an entire team.
When selecting your BIM tool it is your primary interest to be fully aware whether a BIM solution follows local design standards and has rich local content including intelligent building objects, local project and listing templates, and attribute sets following local standards. Eventually, the engine takes it’s place on the right wing of a passenger plane and a users are treated with a blast of air as the GEnx propels the plane into the night sky.
Find statistical information and The Virtual Village is a build- your - own model village game that also has “ Create your own Virtual Model Village, one thatched-roof cottage at a time.
Building Operation - It is needless to say that all these data put in a BIM model is not only useful during the design and construction phase of a building project but can be used throughout the entire building lifecycle helping to reduce the operation and management cost of buildings which is at least magnitude more than the entire cost of construction. Instead of creating drawings from 2D line-work, buildings are virtually modeled from real construction elements such as walls, windows, slabs and roofs, etc. When selecting your BIM tool it is a question of strategic importance whether the BIM model and the process to creating it are designed in a way that supports real-time sharing for teams and projects of any size.
Since all data is stored in the central virtual building model, design changes are automatically followed-up on individual drawings generated from the model.
More Links: Create your own 3D virtual model for women and dress up with the latest styles. With this integrated model approach, BIM not only offers significant productivity increase but also serves as the basis for better-coordinated designs and a computer model based building process.
While switching from CAD to BIM is already justified by the benefits achieved during the design phase BIM offers further benefits during the construction and operation of buildings. These intelligent elements are the digital prototype of the physical building elements such as walls, columns, windows, doors, stairs etc. Clients, building owners and operators are getting more and more access to BIM models through their mobile devices even without the need to installing a BIM application first. This shift will put the adoption of BIM onto the next level so you as a professional really cannot afford ignoring BIM. Fortunately you are at the best place to learn about BIM so please watch the below video below and read on to get fully prepared for the latest major paradigm shift in our industry.

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